Ceramic Bearings

  • Ceramic Deep Groove Ball Bearings

    Ceramic Deep Groove Ball Bearings

    In the development and application of engineering ceramic products, ceramic ball bearings are an example of the wide application of engineering ceramics in the industrial field and have received great attention from many countries. In high-speed precision equipment, fully mixed ceramic ball bearings are used, that is, the use of rolling elements. Hot pressing Si3N4 ceramic balls, the ring is still a ring. This kind of bearing has a high installation habit, small modification of the machine tool structure, easy maintenance, and is especially suitable for operating occasions. Its high-speed assembled electric vehicles have high-speed, high-speed motion and bearing rings. High power, long life and other advantages
  • Ceramic Angular Contact Ball

    Ceramic Angular Contact Ball

    Ceramic angular contact ball bearing divided into full ceramic and hybrid ceramic bearing. Full ceramic angular contact ball bearing’s characters are the high temperature resistance up to 1200 centigrade degree and working under different extreme severe environment. Having the highest rotating speed is the major specialty of hybrid angular contact bearing. The dental angular contact ceramic ball bearing we developed can reach to 350,000RPM.
  • Ceramic Self Aligning Bearings

    Ceramic Self Aligning Bearings

    Self Aligning Ceramic Bearings have high temperature resistance, low cold resistance, high-pressure resistance and corrosion resistance, but have no magnetism and power insulation and oil lubrication. They are suitable to be used in special environments where mixed ceramic ball bearings and steel bearings cannot work. With high corrosion resistance, these bearings can be used for a longer time in corrosive environments, including most acid, alkali and solvent environments.
  • Ceramic Thrust Ball Bearings

    Ceramic Thrust Ball Bearings

    Full ceramic thrust bearing material: Both thrust washer and ball are ceramic material which including ZrO2, Si3N4 or SiC.Hybrid ceramic thrust bearing material: Thrust washer material can be chrome steel or stainless steel. Ball is ceramic which can be ZrO2, Si3N4 or SiC. Inner diameter range of Ceramic thrust ball bearing from 3mm to 120mm, finished grinding raceway included. Production model have 511 series etc various ceramic thrust bearing.
  • Ceramic Ball

    Ceramic Balls

    Ceramic balls are spherical, rolling elements that provide higher stiffness, lower thermal expansion, lighter weight, increased corrosion resistance, and higher electrical resistance than steel balls. They are made from a variety of ceramic materials.