THK Radial Type LM Guide (SR)

  • THK Radial Rail (SR)

    THK Radial Rail (SR)

    [Miniaturization, heavy load] Because the miniaturized design type with low section height has a steel ball contact structure with strong load-bearing capacity in the radial direction, it is suitable for horizontal guides. [Easy to achieve installation accuracy] This type is a self-aligning type, which is easy to absorb the parallelism and horizontal accuracy errors between the two axes, so as to achieve smooth linear motion. 【Low noise type】 The revolving part of each steel ball row is designed to pass through the guide part of the LM slider ball returner, so that the steel balls can circulate smoothly, so low-noise movement can be achieved. [Excellent durability] Even under the action of preload or offset load, the differential sliding amount of the steel ball is restrained to the limit, realizing the long-term maintenance of high damage and accuracy. [Stainless steel type is also available]