Needle Roller Bearings

  • Cam Followers, Yoke Type & Stud Type Track Rollers

    Cam Followers, Yoke Type & Stud Type Track Rollers

    Track Rollers are ready-to-install needle roller and cylindrical roller bearings with a thick outer ring, which are used in applications such as cam drives, bed guides, logistics conveying equipment, linear guide systems and other applications. In addition to being able to withstand high radial loads, they can also withstand, for example, axial loads caused by slight misalignment, skew operation or short-term impact. Support type rollers are available with or without outer ring axial guidance, double-sided sealing or open type. The outer surface of the outer ring is convex arc. Track Rollers have a smaller Hertzian stress, which reduces the edge load and the wear of the supporting track under inclined conditions, and at the same time extends the working life of the supporting track. Track Rollers are installed on shafts or bolts, and it is easier to install with another Track Rollers that integrates bolts.
  • Drawn Cup Needle Roller Bearings

    Drawn Cup Needle Roller Bearings

    Drawn cup needle roller bearings, the outer ring is stamped from high-quality low-carbon cold-rolled steel plate, the surface is carburized and heat-treated, there are needle rollers and cages combined together, there are two types of sealed and open structures. You can choose INNE RING for installation, or use the shaft surface as an inner raceway directly on the shaft, but the shaft surface accuracy (shaft surface hardness, roughness, roundness, cylindricity) must be maintained. Drawn cup needle roller bearings can save space and reduce weight, and have a certain radial load capacity and speed. BSPD bearing application engineers specially remind users that drawn cup needle roller bearings cannot withstand axial forces.
  • Heavy Duty Needle Roller Bearings (Machined)

    Heavy Duty Needle Roller Bearings (Machined)

    Heavy Duty Needle Roller Bearings, its outer ring is made of high-quality bearing steel which goes by turning, heat treatment, and fine grinding. The cage is also a turned part. Heavy Duty Needle Roller Bearings have strong radial load capacity. There are those with or without inner ring. the one without inner ring is selected when the installation space is limited, but the surface accuracy and hardness of the shaft raceway must be verified.
  • Inner Rings

    Inner Rings

    Inner Rings are prepared for needle roller bearings without an inner ring, and its outer circle is used as an inner raceway. The outer ring diameter of BSPD's Inner Rings can be made larger, so that after pressing the Inner Rings into the shaft, users can grind the outer circle of the Inner Rings based on the shaft core to ensure the concentricity of the raceway and the central spindle.
  • Loose Needle Rollers

    Loose Needle Rollers

    Needle Rollers have high dimensional accuracy, high hardness and strong wear resistance. In addition to being used as rolling elements, Needle Rollers are often used as shaft cores by design engineers and used in conjunction with miniature bearings; they are also often used as apex pins on power tools.
  • Needle Roller And Cage Assemblies

    Needle Roller And Cage Assemblies

    The needle roller and cage assembly, its cage is made of high-quality carbon steel or engineering plastics, the needle rotates smoothly in the cage and cannot drop out. Under the condition that the installation space for the bearing is limited by the user design, the needle roller and cage assembly is the best choice. BSPD engineer reminds you to choose this kind of bearing under the prerequisite that the shaft and hole are separately used as inner and outer raceways. For this reason, the surface accuracy of the shaft and the hole must be guaranteed.
  • Needle Roller Thrust Bearings

    Needle Roller Thrust Bearings

    Needle Roller Thrust Bearings are composed of a cage, needle roller assembly and two washers, they can be purchased separately by users, or recommended by our BSPD engineers. When limited by the axial installation space, only the cage and needle roller assembly can be used, but the accuracy of the end face contacting the needle must be ensured. Needle Roller Thrust Bearings can only withstand axial load.
  • One-Way Needle-Roller Bearing Clutches

    One-Way Needle-Roller Bearing Clutches

    One-Way Needle-Roller Clutch Bearing can withstand both radial load and reverse torque. The bearing is sliding non-rolling friction when rotating in the forward direction, and is usually used in combination with other bearings which can withstand axial load. Please choose the One-Way Needle-Roller Clutch Bearing of the HFL series composite structure if it is request to withstand larger radial load. The HFL type is composed of three rows of needle rollers, the middle row bears the reverse torque and the two side rows bear the radial load.