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Cage Material
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Needle Roller And Cage Assemblies

The needle roller and cage assembly, its cage is made of high-quality carbon steel or engineering plastics, the needle rotates smoothly in the cage and cannot drop out. Under the condition that the installation space for the bearing is limited by the user design, the needle roller and cage assembly is the best choice. BSPD engineer reminds you to choose this kind of bearing under the prerequisite that the shaft and hole are separately used as inner and outer raceways. For this reason, the surface accuracy of the shaft and the hole must be guaranteed.

Product NumberSystem of measurementBEARING TYPEBore DiaOutside DiaweightCage Material
K3X5X7-TVMetricK Series3 mm5 mm0.3 gPA66
K3X5X9-TVMetricK Series3 mm5 mm0.4 gPA66
K3X6X7-TVMetricK Series3 mm6 mm0.4 gPA66
K4X7X10-TVMetricK Series4 mm7 mm0.7 gPA66
K4X7X7-TVMetricK Series4 mm7 mm0.5 gPA66
K5X8X10-TVMetricK Series5 mm8 mm0.9 gPA66
K5X8X8-TVMetricK Series5 mm8 mm0.7 gPA66
K6X10X13-TVMetricK Series6 mm10 mm1.9 gPA66
K6X9X10-TVMetricK Series6 mm9 mm1.1 gPA66
K6X9X8-TVMetricK Series6 mm9 mm0.8 gPA66
K7X10X10-TVMetricK Series7 mm10 mm1 gPA66
K7X10X8-TVMetricK Series7 mm10 mm0.9 gPA66
K7X9X7-TVMetricK Series7 mm9 mm0.6 gPA66
K8X11X10-TVMetricK Series8 mm11 mm1.2 gPA66
K8X11X13-TVMetricK Series8 mm11 mm1.7 gPA66
K8X11X8-TVMetricK Series8 mm11 mm1 gPA66
K8X12X10-TVMetricK Series8 mm12 mm2 gPA66
C060806InchC Series9,525 mm12,7 mm 2,5 gSteel
K9X12X10-TVMetricK Series9 mm12 mm1.5 gPA66
K9X12X13-TVMetricK Series9 mm12 mm2.1 gPA66
K10X13X10-TVMetricK Series10 mm13 mm1.6 gPA66
K10X13X13-TVMetricK Series10 mm13 mm2.3 gPA66
K10X13X16-TVMetricK Series10 mm13 mm2.9 gPA66
K10X14X10-TVMetricK Series10 mm14 mm2.5 gPA66
K10X14X13-TVMetricK Series10 mm14 mm4.6 gPA66
K10X16X12-TVMetricK Series10 mm16 mm5.5 gPA66
C081008InchC Series12,7 mm15,875 mm4,2 gSteel
K12X15X10-TVMetricK Series12 mm15 mm2.9 gPA66
K12X15X13-TVMetricK Series12 mm15 mm2.3 gPA66
K12X16X13-TVMetricK Series12 mm16 mm3.6 gPA66
K12X17X13-TVMetricK Series12 mm17 mm4.9 gPA66
K12X18X12-TVMetricK Series12 mm18 mm6 gPA66
C091108InchC Series14,288 mm17,463 mm5,9 gSteel
C091110InchC Series14,288 mm17,463 mm5,9 gSteel
K14X18X10MetricK Series14 mm18 mm4 gSteel
K14X18X13MetricK Series14 mm18 mm6,5 gSteel
K14X18X15-TVMetricK Series14 mm18 mm5 gPA66
K14X18X17MetricK Series14 mm18 mm8 gSteel
K14X20X12MetricK Series14 mm20 mm8,5 gSteel
C101208InchC Series15,875 mm19,05 mm5,2 gSteel
K15X18X17-TVMetricK Series15 mm18 mm4,6 gPA66
K15X19X10MetricK Series15 mm19 mm5 gSteel
K15X19X13MetricK Series15 mm19 mm7 gSteel
K15X19X17MetricK Series15 mm19 mm9,5 gSteel
K15X20X13MetricK Series15 mm20 mm7 gSteel
K15X21X15MetricK Series15 mm21 mm11 gSteel
K15X21X21MetricK Series15 mm21 mm17 gSteel
K16X20X10MetricK Series16 mm20 mm5,5 gSteel
K16X20X13MetricK Series16 mm20 mm7,5 gSteel
K16X20X17MetricK Series16 mm20 mm10 gSteel
K16X22X12MetricK Series16 mm22 mm10 gSteel
K16X22X16MetricK Series16 mm22 mm12 gSteel
K16X22X20MetricK Series16 mm22 mm17 gSteel
K16X24X20MetricK Series16 mm24 mm22 gSteel
K17X21X10MetricK Series17 mm21 mm5,5 gSteel
K17X21X13MetricK Series17 mm21 mm6,5 gSteel
K17X21X17MetricK Series17 mm21 mm9,5 gSteel
K18X22X10MetricK Series18 mm22 mm6 gSteel
K18X22X13MetricK Series18 mm22 mm8 gSteel
K18X22X17MetricK Series18 mm22 mm11 gSteel
K18X24X12MetricK Series18 mm24 mm12 gSteel
K18X24X13MetricK Series18 mm24 mm13 gSteel
K18X24X20MetricK Series18 mm24 mm18 gSteel
K18X25X22MetricK Series18 mm25 mm23 gSteel
C121616InchC Series19,05 mm25,4 mm26,4 gSteel
K19X23X13MetricK Series19 mm23 mm8 gSteel
K19X23X17MetricK Series19 mm23 mm11 gSteel
K20X24X10MetricK Series20 mm24 mm6,5 gSteel
K20X24X13MetricK Series20 mm24 mm9 gSteel
K20X24X17MetricK Series20 mm24 mm12 gSteel
K20X26X12MetricK Series20 mm26 mm11 gSteel
K20X26X13MetricK Series20 mm26 mm12 gSteel
K20X26X17MetricK Series20 mm26 mm16 gSteel
K20X26X20MetricK Series20 mm26 mm19 gSteel
K20X28X16MetricK Series20 mm28 mm20 gSteel
K20X28X20MetricK Series20 mm28 mm27 gSteel
K20X28X25MetricK Series20 mm28 mm32 gSteel
K20X30X30MetricK Series20 mm30 mm49 gSteel
K21X25X13MetricK Series21 mm25 mm9 gSteel
C141816InchC Series22,225 mm28,575 mm30,1 gSteel
K22X26X10MetricK Series22 mm26 mm7,5 gSteel
K22X26X13MetricK Series22 mm26 mm9,5 gSteel
K22X26X17MetricK Series22 mm26 mm12 gSteel
K22X28X17MetricK Series22 mm28 mm18 gSteel
K22X29X16MetricK Series22 mm29 mm16 gSteel
K22X30X15-TVMetricK Series22 mm30 mm18 gPA66
K22X32X24MetricK Series22 mm32 mm43 gSteel
K23X35X16-TVMetricK Series23 mm35 mm29 gPA66
K24X28X10MetricK Series24 mm28 mm8,5 gSteel
K24X28X13MetricK Series24 mm28 mm10 gSteel
K24X28X17MetricK Series24 mm28 mm13 gSteel
K24X30X17MetricK Series24 mm30 mm19 gSteel
K24X30X31-ZWMetricK-ZW Series24 mm30 mm32 gSteel
C162112InchC Series25,4 mm33,338 mm32,6 gSteel
C162116InchC Series25,4 mm33,338 mm43,5 gSteel
K25X29X10MetricK Series25 mm29 mm8,5 gSteel
K25X29X13MetricK Series25 mm29 mm11 gSteel
K25X29X17MetricK Series25 mm29 mm14 gSteel
K25X30X17MetricK Series25 mm30 mm16 gSteel
K25X30X20MetricK Series25 mm30 mm18 gSteel
K25X31X17MetricK Series25 mm31 mm19 gSteel
K25X31X21MetricK Series25 mm31 mm20 gSteel
K25X32X16MetricK Series25 mm32 mm21 gSteel
K25X33X20MetricK Series25 mm33 mm33 gSteel
K25X33X24MetricK Series25 mm33 mm39 gSteel
K25X35X30MetricK Series25 mm35 mm65 gSteel
K25X30X26-ZWMetricK-ZW Series25 mm30 mm19 gSteel
K26X30X13MetricK Series26 mm30 mm11 gSteel
K26X30X17MetricK Series26 mm30 mm15 gSteel
K26X30X22-ZWMetricK-ZW Series26 mm30 mm12 gSteel
C182416InchC Series28,575 mm38,1 mm59,3 gSteel
C182420InchC Series28,575 mm38,1 mm74,1 gSteel
K28X33X13MetricK Series28 mm33 mm13 gSteel
K28X33X17MetricK Series28 mm33 mm17 gSteel
K28X34X17MetricK Series28 mm34 mm24 gSteel
K28X35X16MetricK Series28 mm35 mm24 gSteel
K28X35X18MetricK Series28 mm35 mm27 gSteel
K28X40X25MetricK Series28 mm40 mm70 gSteel
K30X34X13MetricK Series30 mm34 mm14 gSteel
K30X35X13MetricK Series30 mm35 mm14 gSteel
K30X35X17MetricK Series30 mm35 mm19 gSteel
K30X35X27MetricK Series30 mm35 mm30 gSteel
K30X37X16MetricK Series30 mm37 mm27 gSteel
K30X37X18MetricK Series30 mm37 mm30 gSteel
K30X40X18MetricK Series30 mm40 mm48 gSteel
K30X40X30MetricK Series30 mm40 mm73 gSteel
C202616InchC Series31,75 mm41,275 mm64,9 gSteel
C202812InchC Series31,75 mm44,45 mm67,8 gSteel
K32X37X13MetricK Series32 mm37 mm18 gSteel
K32X37X17MetricK Series32 mm37 mm19 gSteel
K32X37X27MetricK Series32 mm37 mm30 gSteel
K32X38X20MetricK Series32 mm38 mm30 gSteel
K32X39X16MetricK Series32 mm39 mm37 gSteel
K32X39X18MetricK Series32 mm39 mm31 gSteel
K32X40X25MetricK Series32 mm40 mm49 gSteel
K32X46X32MetricK Series32 mm46 mm119 gSteel
K32X40X42-ZW-TVMetricK-ZW Series32 mm40 mm77 gSteel
C222820InchC Series34,925 mm44,45 mm88,2 gSteel
K35X40X13MetricK Series35 mm40 mm19 gSteel
K35X40X17MetricK Series35 mm40 mm21 gSteel
K35X40X25MetricK Series35 mm40 mm31 gSteel
K35X40X27-TVMetricK Series35 mm40 mm39 gPA66
K35X42X16MetricK Series35 mm42 mm34 gSteel
K35X42X18MetricK Series35 mm42 mm34 gSteel
K35X42X20MetricK Series35 mm42 mm37 gSteel
K35X42X30MetricK Series35 mm42 mm67 gSteel
K35X45X20MetricK Series35 mm45 mm56 gSteel
K35X45X30MetricK Series35 mm45 mm80 gSteel
K37X42X17MetricK Series37 mm42 mm22 gSteel
C243016InchC Series38,1 mm47,625 mm76,2 gSteel
C243024InchC Series38,1 mm47,625 mm114,3 gSteel
K38X43X17MetricK Series38 mm43 mm29 gSteel
K38X43X27MetricK Series38 mm43 mm43 gSteel
K38X46X20MetricK Series38 mm46 mm47 gSteel
K38X46X32MetricK Series38 mm46 mm76 gSteel
K39X44X26-ZWMetricK-ZW Series39 mm44 mm45 gSteel
K40X45X13MetricK Series40 mm45 mm22 gSteel
K40X45X17MetricK Series40 mm45 mm31 gSteel
K40X45X27MetricK Series40 mm45 mm46 gSteel
K40X47X18MetricK Series40 mm47 mm39 gSteel
K40X47X20MetricK Series40 mm47 mm42 gSteel
K40X48X20MetricK Series40 mm48 mm49 gSteel
K42X47X13MetricK Series42 mm47 mm18 gSteel
K42X47X17MetricK Series42 mm47 mm32 gSteel
K42X50X20MetricK Series42 mm50 mm53 gSteel
K42X47X30-ZWMetricK-ZW Series42 mm47 mm54 gSteel
K43X48X17MetricK Series43 mm48 mm30 gSteel
K43X48X27MetricK Series43 mm48 mm50 gSteel
K45X50X17MetricK Series45 mm50 mm34 gSteel
K45X50X27MetricK Series45 mm50 mm51 gSteel
K45X52X18MetricK Series45 mm52 mm42 gSteel
K45X53X20MetricK Series45 mm53 mm55 gSteel
K45X53X21MetricK Series45 mm53 mm60 gSteel
K45X53X28MetricK Series45 mm53 mm81 gSteel
K45X59X18-TVMetricK Series45 mm59 mm72 gPA66
K45X59X32MetricK Series45 mm59 mm148 gSteel
K47X52X17MetricK Series47 mm52 mm35 gSteel
K47X52X27MetricK Series47 mm52 mm51 gSteel
K50X58X25MetricK Series50 mm58 mm90 gSteel
K50X55X13.5MetricK Series50 mm55 mm30 gSteel
K50X55X17MetricK Series50 mm55 mm35 gSteel
K50X55X20MetricK Series50 mm55 mm43 gSteel
K50X55X30MetricK Series50 mm55 mm65 gSteel
K50X57X18MetricK Series50 mm57 mm47 gSteel
K50X58X20MetricK Series50 mm58 mm75 gSteel
K52X57X12MetricK Series52 mm57 mm24 gSteel
K55X60X20MetricK Series55 mm60 mm40 gSteel
K55X60X27MetricK Series55 mm60 mm60 gSteel
K55X60X30MetricK Series55 mm60 mm71 gSteel
K55X62X18MetricK Series55 mm62 mm52 gSteel
K55X63X20MetricK Series55 mm63 mm67 gSteel
K55X63X25MetricK Series55 mm63 mm80 gSteel
K55X63X32MetricK Series55 mm63 mm102 gSteel
C364216InchC Series57,15 mm66,675 mm110,1 gSteel
K58X65X18MetricK Series58 mm65 mm52 gSteel
K58X65X36-ZWMetricK-ZW Series58 mm65 mm127 gSteel
K60X65X20MetricK Series60 mm65 mm52 gSteel
K60X65X30MetricK Series60 mm65 mm77 gSteel
K60X68X20MetricK Series60 mm68 mm71 gSteel
K60X68X23MetricK Series60 mm68 mm94 gSteel
K60X68X25MetricK Series60 mm68 mm89 gSteel
K60X75X42MetricK Series60 mm75 mm240 gSteel
K60X66X33-ZWMetricK-ZW Series60 mm66 mm104 gSteel
K60X66X40-ZWMetricK-ZW Series60 mm66 mm116 gSteel
K60X68X30-ZWMetricK-ZW Series60 mm68 mm129 gSteel
K62X70X40-ZWMetricK-ZW Series62 mm70 mm174 gSteel
C404616InchC Series63,5 mm73,025 mm121,4 gSteel
K64X70X16MetricK Series64 mm70 mm53 gSteel
K65X70X20MetricK Series65 mm70 mm56 gSteel
K65X70X30MetricK Series65 mm70 mm83 gSteel
K65X73X23MetricK Series65 mm73 mm108 gSteel
K65X73X30MetricK Series65 mm73 mm141 gSteel
K68X74X20MetricK Series68 mm74 mm71 gSteel
K68X74X30MetricK Series68 mm74 mm100 gSteel
K68X74X35-ZWMetricK-ZW Series68 mm74 mm120 gSteel
K70X76X20MetricK Series70 mm76 mm71 gSteel
K70X76X30MetricK Series70 mm76 mm110 gSteel
K70X78X30MetricK Series70 mm78 mm148 gSteel
K72X80X20MetricK Series72 mm80 mm98 gSteel
K73X79X20MetricK Series73 mm79 mm75 gSteel
K75X81X20MetricK Series75 mm81 mm79 gSteel
K75X81X30MetricK Series75 mm81 mm114 gSteel
K75X83X23MetricK Series75 mm83 mm124 gSteel
K75X83X30MetricK Series75 mm83 mm147 gSteel
K75X83X35-ZWMetricK-ZW Series75 mm83 mm182 gSteel
K75X83X40-ZWMetricK-ZW Series75 mm83 mm211 gSteel
C485424InchC Series76,2 mm85,726 mm216 gSteel
K80X86X20MetricK Series80 mm86 mm60 gSteel
K80X88X30MetricK Series80 mm88 mm138 gSteel
K80X88X40-ZWMetricK-ZW Series80 mm88 mm227 gSteel
K80X88X46-ZWMetricK-ZW Series80 mm88 mm260 gSteel
K85X92X20MetricK Series85 mm92 mm102 gSteel
K90X97X20MetricK Series90 mm97 mm109 gSteel
K90X98X27MetricK Series90 mm98 mm150 gSteel
K90X98X30MetricK Series90 mm98 mm172 gSteel
K95X103X30MetricK Series95 mm103 mm165 gSteel
K95X103X40-ZWMetricK-ZW Series95 mm103 mm266 gSteel
K100X107X21MetricK Series100 mm107 mm120 gSteel
K100X108X27MetricK Series100 mm108 mm185 gSteel
K100X108X30MetricK Series100 mm108 mm180 gSteel
K105X112X21MetricK Series105 mm112 mm129 gSteel
K110X117X24MetricK Series110 mm117 mm172 gSteel
K110X118X30MetricK Series110 mm118 mm217 gSteel
K115X123X27MetricK Series115 mm123 mm200 gSteel
K120X127X24MetricK Series120 mm127 mm165 gSteel
K125X133X35MetricK Series125 mm133 mm275 gSteel
K130X137X24MetricK Series130 mm137 mm170 gSteel
K135X143X35MetricK Series135 mm143 mm300 gSteel
K145X153X26MetricK Series145 mm153 mm262 gSteel
K150X160X46MetricK Series150 mm160 mm570 gSteel
K155X163X26MetricK Series155 mm163 mm265 gSteel
K160X170X46MetricK Series160 mm170 mm550 gSteel
K165X173X26MetricK Series165 mm173 mm320 gSteel
K175X183X32MetricK Series175 mm183 mm400 gSteel
K185X195X37MetricK Series185 mm195 mm607 gSteel
K195X205X37MetricK Series195 mm205 mm620 gSteel
K210X220X42MetricK Series210 mm220 mm740 gSteel
K220X230X42MetricK Series220 mm230 mm 790 gSteel
K240X250X42MetricK Series240 mm250 mm850 gSteel
K265X280X50MetricK Series265 mm280 mm1810 gSteel
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