Bore Dia
Outer Dia
Total Bearing Width Over Inner Ring(S)(B)
Total Bearing Width Over Outer Ring(S)(C)
Dynamic Radial Load
Static Radial Load
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Four-Row Cylindrical Roller Bearings

Four-row cylindrical roller bearings for long steel rolling four-row cylindrical roller bearings are designed to withstand extreme radial loads and high-speed applications. The bearing is optimized according to the common operating conditions in the long mill to improve the performance and reduce the total cost of ownership. Different design combinations of outer ring, inner ring, Edge ring, etc. can be provided to meet different application requirements. An important feature is the detachable design, which facilitates mounting, and the various parts of the bearing can be interchanged. The radial bearing capacity is especially high, the friction is low, the service life is long, the cross section is small, and the two-way axial displacement can be separated and interchangeable parts

Product NumberBore DiaOuter DiaWidth Over Outer Rings(B)Width Over Outer Ring(C)Dynamic Radial LoadStatic Radial Load
BC4-0093127 mm174.65 mm150.812 mm150.812 mm780 kN1320 kN
BC4-0101145 mm210 mm155 mm155 mm980 kN1560 kN
BC4-0105145 mm225 mm156 mm156 mm1100 kN1630 kN
BC4-0096150 mm230 mm156 mm156 mm1120 kN1660 kN
315189 A160 mm230 mm168 mm168 mm1120 kN2200 kN
BC4-0103160 mm230 mm168 mm168 mm1290 kN2200 kN
BC4-0108160 mm230 mm130 mm130 mm965 kN1340 kN
315642/VJ202165.1 mm225.45 mm168.3 mm168.3 mm1100 kN2240 kN
BC4-0111165.1 mm225.45 mm168.3 mm168.3 mm1250 kN2240 kN
BC4-0118170 mm230 mm160 mm160 mm1370 kN2360 kN
BC4-0119170 mm240 mm130 mm130 mm1140 kN1830 kN
BC4-0114180 mm260 mm168 mm168 mm1560 kN2500 kN
BC4-0098190 mm260 mm168 mm168 mm1430 kN2600 kN
BC4-0109190 mm270 mm200 mm200 mm1800 kN3150 kN
BC4-0116190 mm280 mm200 mm200 mm2080 kN3250 kN
BC4-0051200 mm270 mm200 mm200 mm1700 kN3200 kN
BC4-0092200 mm280 mm200 mm200 mm1860 kN3350 kN
BC4-0095200 mm280 mm170 mm170 mm1700 kN3000 kN
BC4-0106200 mm290 mm192 mm192 mm1930 kN3200 kN
BC4-0113200 mm270 mm170 mm170 mm1430 kN2700 kN
BC4-0097220 mm310 mm225 mm225 mm2280 kN4050 kN
BC4-0117220 mm310 mm192 mm192 mm1900 kN3550 kN
BC4-0112230 mm330 mm206 mm206 mm2320 kN4000 kN
BC4-0099240 mm330 mm220 mm220 mm2160 kN4300 kN
BC4-0110260 mm370 mm220 mm220 mm2700 kN4650 kN
BC4-0100280 mm390 mm275 mm275 mm3750 kN6950 kN
BC4-0107280 mm390 mm220 mm220 mm2800 kN5000 kN
NNUD 6056 ECMAS/P53280 mm420 mm250 mm250 mm3690 kN6550 kN
BC4-0094300 mm420 mm300 mm300 mm4400 kN8300 kN
BC4-0124300 mm420 mm300 mm300 mm4400 kN8300 kN
BC4-8050340 mm450 mm250 mm250 mm2550 kN6000 kN
BC4B 322261/HB1340 mm500 mm370 mm370 mm5230 kN11800 kN
BC4B 322777/HB1350 mm500 mm410 mm410 mm5830 kN13700 kN
BC4B 326909 A/HA3350 mm520 mm300 mm300 mm4680 kN9000 kN
BC4B 326909/HA3350 mm520 mm300 mm300 mm4680 kN9000 kN
BC4-8022/HA1355.6 mm482.6 mm269.87 mm269.87 mm2970 kN6400 kN
BC4B 457939 VAA356.67 mm550 mm400 mm400 mm5280 kN15000 kN
BC2B 320075/VJ202360 mm500 mm250 mm250 mm3910 kN7350 kN
BC2B 322217/VJ202360 mm500 mm250 mm250 mm4400 kN8500 kN
BC4B 320989/HA3380 mm540 mm400 mm380 mm6440 kN14000 kN
BC4B 322264/HB1380 mm560 mm325 mm325 mm5230 kN10600 kN
315802/VJ202400 mm590 mm440 mm440 mm7920 kN16600 kN
BC4-8059400 mm560 mm300 mm300 mm4680 kN10200 kN
313513420 mm600 mm440 mm440 mm7210 kN17600 kN
313555 B/VJ202420 mm580 mm320 mm320 mm4680 kN10800 kN
BC4-8037/HA1VA907431.5 mm571.5 mm310 mm310 mm4460 kN10200 kN
BC4B 326361 B/HA1431.5 mm571.5 mm300 mm300 mm4460 kN10200 kN
635043440 mm660 mm340 mm340 mm7210 kN13700 kN
315811 E450 mm590 mm300 mm300 mm3910 kN12000 kN
315196 A460 mm650 mm424 mm424 mm8250 kN18300 kN
BC4B 322993 A/HA7460 mm650 mm460 mm424 mm7810 kN18300 kN
BC4-8003/HA1VA907475 mm600 mm392 mm392 mm5500 kN14600 kN
BC4B 326261/HA1475 mm600 mm368 mm368 mm5500 kN14600 kN
319320480 mm680 mm420 mm420 mm9130 kN19300 kN
BC2B 326196/HA1VJ202487.98 mm637 mm350 mm350 mm6440 kN15300 kN
316083 A500 mm670 mm450 mm450 mm8250 kN22000 kN
319254/VJ202500 mm650 mm260 mm260 mm4400 kN10200 kN
BC4B 316515500 mm680 mm450 mm450 mm8250 kN22000 kN
BC4B 322039/HA1500 mm670 mm480 mm450 mm8250 kN22000 kN
BC4B 322066500 mm720 mm400 mm400 mm8580 kN17600 kN
BC4B 326853/HB1500 mm738 mm500 mm500 mm10800 kN23200 kN
BC4-8007/HB1510 mm760 mm550 mm550 mm12100 kN26500 kN
BC4-8009/HB1510 mm730 mm520 mm520 mm10200 kN22000 kN
BC4B 319411510 mm680 mm500 mm500 mm9680 kN26000 kN
312844/VJ202529.91 mm870 mm670 mm670 mm16800 kN33500 kN
313535 D536.176 mm762.03 mm558.8 mm558.8 mm11400 kN29000 kN
316691550 mm740 mm510 mm510 mm11000 kN27000 kN
BC4-8046/HB1556 mm800 mm580 mm580 mm10500 kN25500 kN
313189 A559.84 mm920 mm710 mm710 mm20100 kN45500 kN
BC4B 322930/HA4560 mm820 mm600 mm600 mm14200 kN34000 kN
315175 C600 mm820 mm575 mm575 mm14000 kN36000 kN
BC4B 322497/HA4600 mm870 mm578 mm540 mm13200 kN31500 kN
315526606.667 mm920 mm640 mm640 mm16500 kN45000 kN
BC4-8041/HA4620 mm820 mm475 mm475 mm10100 kN26500 kN
BC4B 457969633.334 mm960 mm680 mm680 mm16800 kN45000 kN
239509 FA660 mm820 mm440 mm440 mm8090 kN22800 kN
BC4-8066/HA3750 mm1090 mm750 mm750 mm21600 kN51000 kN
313685 B759 mm1210 mm740 mm740 mm25500 kN85000 kN
312979 D760 mm1080 mm790 mm790 mm23800 kN65500 kN
BC4-8015/HB1780 mm1070 mm780 mm780 mm24200 kN61000 kN
BC4B 316341/HA4820 mm1100 mm745 mm720 mm21200 kN57000 kN
315826 B850 mm1150 mm840 mm840 mm27500 kN75000 kN
BC4-8021/HB1850 mm1180 mm850 mm850 mm28100 kN73500 kN
BC4-8067/HA3900 mm1280 mm780 mm780 mm28600 kN64000 kN
315265937.5 mm1270.25 mm825.5 mm825.5 mm28100 kN83000 kN
BC4-8062/HA11040 mm1440 mm1000 mm1000 mm38000 kN93000 kN
BC4-8016/HA41300 mm1655 mm890 mm880 mm40200 kN122000 kN
BC4-8029/HA41350 mm1765 mm1360 mm1360 mm40200 kN122000 kN
BC4-8005/HA41400 mm1900 mm1360 mm1360 mm61600 kN183000 kN
BC4-8042/HA41400 mm1780 mm1200 mm1200 mm52300 kN163000 kN
* *