Bore diameter
Outside diameter
Shoulder diameter of inner ring
Widthof inner ring
Basic static load rating (Cor)
* *

Tapered roller bearings& single row& matched face-to-face

Product NumberBore diameterOutside diameterShoulder diameter of inner ringWidthof inner ringBasic static load rating (Cor)
31305/DF25 mm62 mm36.5 mm34 mm80 kN
30206/DF30 mm62 mm34.5 mm32 mm88 kN
32206/DF30 mm62 mm42.5 mm40 mm116 kN
31306/DF30 mm72 mm41.5 mm38 mm100 kN
30306/DF30 mm72 mm41.5 mm38 mm112 kN
32007 X/DF35 mm62 mm36 mm36 mm108 kN
32207/DF35 mm72 mm48.5 mm46 mm156 kN
33207/DF35 mm72 mm56 mm56 mm212 kN
31307/DF35 mm80 mm45.5 mm42 mm134 kN
30307/DF35 mm80 mm45.5 mm42 mm150 kN
33108/DF40 mm75 mm52 mm52 mm208 kN
30208/DF40 mm80 mm39.5 mm36 mm137 kN
31308/DF40 mm90 mm50.5 mm46 mm163 kN
32009 X/DF45 mm75 mm40 mm40 mm160 kN
32209/DF45 mm85 mm49.5 mm46 mm196 kN
31309/DF45 mm100 mm54.5 mm50 mm204 kN
30309/DF45 mm100 mm54.5 mm50 mm240 kN
32010 X/DF50 mm80 mm40 mm40 mm176 kN
33010/DF50 mm80 mm48 mm48 mm204 kN
30210/DF50 mm90 mm43.5 mm40 mm183 kN
32210/DF50 mm90 mm49.5 mm46 mm200 kN
33210/DF50 mm90 mm64 mm64 mm320 kN
31310/DF50 mm110 mm58.5 mm54 mm240 kN
32011 X/DF55 mm90 mm46 mm46 mm232 kN
33011/DF55 mm90 mm54 mm54 mm270 kN
30211/DF55 mm100 mm45.5 mm42 mm212 kN
32211/DF55 mm100 mm53.5 mm50 mm260 kN
31311/DF55 mm120 mm63 mm58 mm275 kN
30311/DF55 mm120 mm63 mm58 mm325 kN
32012 X/DF60 mm95 mm46 mm46 mm245 kN
30212/DF60 mm110 mm47.5 mm44 mm228 kN
32212/DF60 mm110 mm59.5 mm56 mm320 kN
33212/DF60 mm110 mm76 mm76 mm475 kN
31312/DF60 mm130 mm67 mm62 mm335 kN
30312/DF60 mm130 mm67 mm62 mm390 kN
32312/DF60 mm130 mm97 mm92 mm585 kN
32013 X/DF65 mm100 mm46 mm46 mm255 kN
33013/DF65 mm100 mm54 mm54 mm310 kN
30213/DF65 mm120 mm49.5 mm46 mm270 kN
32213/DF65 mm120 mm65.5 mm62 mm390 kN
31313/DF65 mm140 mm72 mm66 mm380 kN
32014 X/DF70 mm110 mm50 mm50 mm305 kN
33014/DF70 mm110 mm62 mm62 mm400 kN
33114/DF70 mm120 mm74 mm74 mm500 kN
32214/DF70 mm125 mm66.5 mm62 mm415 kN
31314/DF70 mm150 mm76 mm70 mm440 kN
33015/DF75 mm115 mm62 mm62 mm455 kN
33015/DFC24075 mm115 mm62 mm62 mm455 kN
33115/DF75 mm125 mm74 mm74 mm530 kN
30215/DF75 mm130 mm54.5 mm50 mm355 kN
32215/DF75 mm130 mm66.5 mm62 mm425 kN
33215/DF75 mm130 mm82 mm82 mm600 kN
31315/DF75 mm160 mm80 mm74 mm490 kN
32315/DF75 mm160 mm116 mm110 mm880 kN
32016 X/DF80 mm125 mm58 mm58 mm430 kN
33116/DF80 mm130 mm74 mm74 mm560 kN
32216/DF80 mm140 mm70.5 mm66 mm490 kN
33216/DF80 mm140 mm92 mm92 mm750 kN
31316/DF80 mm170 mm85 mm78 mm530 kN
32316/DF80 mm170 mm123 mm116 mm1000 kN
32017 X/DF85 mm130 mm58 mm58 mm450 kN
33017/DF85 mm130 mm72 mm72 mm620 kN
30217/DF85 mm150 mm61 mm56 mm440 kN
32217/DF85 mm150 mm77 mm72 mm570 kN
33217/DF85 mm150 mm98 mm98 mm850 kN
31317/DF85 mm180 mm89 mm82 mm570 kN
32018 X/DF90 mm140 mm64 mm64 mm540 kN
33018/DF90 mm140 mm78 mm78 mm710 kN
30218/DF90 mm160 mm65 mm60 mm490 kN
32218/DF90 mm160 mm85 mm80 mm680 kN
31318/DF90 mm190 mm93 mm86 mm630 kN
32318/DF90 mm190 mm135 mm128 mm1220 kN
32019 X/DF95 mm145 mm64 mm64 mm540 kN
33019/DF95 mm145 mm78 mm78 mm735 kN
32219/DF95 mm170 mm91 mm86 mm780 kN
31319/DF95 mm200 mm99 mm90 mm710 kN
32920/DF100 mm140 mm50 mm50 mm405 kN
32020 X/DF100 mm150 mm64 mm64 mm560 kN
30220/DF100 mm180 mm74 mm68 mm640 kN
32220/DF100 mm180 mm98 mm92 mm880 kN
30320/DF100 mm215 mm103 mm94 mm980 kN
31320 X/DF100 mm215 mm113 mm102 mm930 kN
32320/DF100 mm215 mm155 mm146 mm1560 kN
32021 X/DF105 mm160 mm70 mm70 mm670 kN
30221/DF105 mm190 mm78 mm72 mm710 kN
32221/DF105 mm190 mm106 mm100 mm1020 kN
32022 X/DF110 mm170 mm76 mm76 mm780 kN
32022 X/DFC200110 mm170 mm76 mm76 mm780 kN
33122/DF110 mm180 mm112 mm112 mm1250 kN
30222/DF110 mm200 mm82 mm76 mm800 kN
32222/DF110 mm200 mm112 mm106 mm1140 kN
31322 X/DF110 mm240 mm126 mm114 mm1160 kN
32322/DF110 mm240 mm169 mm160 mm1660 kN
32024 X/DF120 mm180 mm76 mm76 mm830 kN
33024/DF120 mm180 mm96 mm96 mm1080 kN
30224/DF120 mm215 mm87 mm80 mm915 kN
32224/DF120 mm215 mm123 mm116 mm1400 kN
30324/DF120 mm260 mm119 mm110 mm1400 kN
31324 X/DF120 mm260 mm136 mm124 mm1400 kN
32324/DF120 mm260 mm181 mm172 mm2240 kN
32926/DF130 mm180 mm64 mm64 mm735 kN
32226/DF130 mm230 mm135.5 mm128 mm1660 kN
30226/DF130 mm230 mm87.5 mm80 mm980 kN
30326/DF130 mm280 mm127.5 mm116 mm1600 kN
31326 X/DF130 mm280 mm144 mm132 mm1560 kN
32928/DF140 mm190 mm64 mm64 mm780 kN
32028 X/DF140 mm210 mm90 mm90 mm1160 kN
32228/DF140 mm250 mm143.5 mm136 mm2000 kN
30228/DF140 mm250 mm91.5 mm84 mm1140 kN
31328 X/DF140 mm300 mm154 mm140 mm1800 kN
32030 X/DF150 mm225 mm96 mm96 mm1320 kN
30230/DF150 mm270 mm98 mm90 mm1120 kN
32230/DF150 mm270 mm154 mm146 mm2280 kN
30330/DF150 mm320 mm144 mm130 mm2120 kN
31330 X/DF150 mm320 mm164 mm150 mm2040 kN
32032 X/DF160 mm240 mm102 mm102 mm1560 kN
30232/DF160 mm290 mm104 mm96 mm1460 kN
32232/DF160 mm290 mm168 mm160 mm2800 kN
32034 X/DF170 mm260 mm114 mm114 mm1830 kN
30234/DF170 mm310 mm114 mm104 mm1730 kN
32234/DF170 mm310 mm182 mm172 mm3250 kN
32936/DF180 mm250 mm90 mm90 mm1460 kN
32036 X/DF180 mm280 mm128 mm128 mm2320 kN
30236/DF180 mm320 mm114 mm104 mm1630 kN
32236/DF180 mm320 mm182 mm172 mm3250 kN
32938/DF190 mm260 mm90 mm90 mm1530 kN
32038 X/DF190 mm290 mm128 mm128 mm2400 kN
32038 X/L4BDF190 mm290 mm128 mm128 mm2400 kN
30238/DF190 mm340 mm120 mm110 mm2000 kN
32040 X/DF200 mm310 mm140 mm140 mm2750 kN
30240/DF200 mm360 mm128 mm116 mm2240 kN
32240/DF200 mm360 mm208 mm196 mm4000 kN
32944/DF220 mm300 mm102 mm102 mm2000 kN
32044 X/DF220 mm340 mm152 mm152 mm3350 kN
30244/DF220 mm400 mm144 mm130 mm2800 kN
32244/DF220 mm400 mm228 mm216 mm5400 kN
32948/DF240 mm320 mm102 mm102 mm2160 kN
32048 X/DF240 mm360 mm152 mm152 mm3550 kN
32248/DF240 mm440 mm254 mm240 mm6550 kN
32052 X/DF260 mm400 mm174 mm174 mm4400 kN
32252/DF260 mm480 mm274 mm260 mm7350 kN
32056 X/DF280 mm420 mm174 mm174 mm4750 kN
32256/DF280 mm500 mm274 mm260 mm7800 kN
32060 X/DF300 mm460 mm200 mm200 mm6000 kN
32260/DF300 mm540 mm280 mm298 mm9500 kN
32964/DF320 mm440 mm152 mm152 mm4650 kN
32064 X/DF320 mm480 mm200 mm200 mm6200 kN
32968/DF340 mm460 mm152 mm152 mm4800 kN
32972/DF360 mm480 mm152 mm152 mm5100 kN
* *