Bore diameter
Outside diameter
Total width
Shoulder diameter of inner ring
Width of outer ring
Basic static load rating (Cor)
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Double row tapered roller bearings& TDO design

Product NumberBore diameterOutside diameterTotal widthShoulder diameter of inner ringWidth of outer ringBasic static load rating (Cor)
BT2B 332767A101.6 mm146.05 mm49.212 mm106 mm38.94 mm375 kN
BT2B 328957155 mm200 mm66 mm161 mm54 mm620 kN
331945228.6 mm488.95 mm254 mm400 mm152.4 mm4500 kN
BT2B 328615254 mm422.275 mm173.038 mm331 mm128.66 mm4050 kN
BT2B 331782254 mm422.275 mm178.592 mm331 mm139.7 mm4050 kN
617479 B260 mm440 mm144 mm341 mm128 mm3450 kN
BT2B 328130260 mm480 mm284 mm366 mm220 mm7350 kN
BT2B 328383/HA1300 mm500 mm203 mm387 mm152 mm5100 kN
BT2B 332504/HA2300.038 mm422.275 mm174.625 mm357 mm136.525 mm4750 kN
BT2B 332516A/HA1317.5 mm447.675 mm180.975 mm376 mm146.05 mm5400 kN
BT2B 332845/HA2330.2 mm482.6 mm177.8 mm401 mm127 mm5000 kN
331775 B333.375 mm469.9 mm190.5 mm398 mm152.4 mm5700 kN
BT2B 332830340 mm460 mm160 mm394 mm128 mm4900 kN
BT2B 332802A342.9 mm533.4 mm174.625 mm422 mm123.825 mm4400 kN
331981346.075 mm488.95 mm200.025 mm413 mm158.75 mm6300 kN
BT2B 332505/HA2355.6 mm444.5 mm136.525 mm398 mm111.125 mm3650 kN
BT2B 332506/HA2355.6 mm501.65 mm155.575 mm431 mm107.95 mm4250 kN
BT2B 332831360 mm480 mm160 mm414 mm128 mm5000 kN
BT2B 332603/HA1368.249 mm523.875 mm214.312 mm438 mm169.862 mm7500 kN
BT2B 332754368.3 mm596.9 mm203.2 mm469 mm133.35 mm5850 kN
331606A371.475 mm501.65 mm155.575 mm431 mm107.95 mm4250 kN
BT2B 328020380 mm520 mm148 mm438 mm112 mm4500 kN
331197A384.175 mm546.1 mm222.25 mm457 mm177.8 mm8300 kN
BT2B 328389406.4 mm539.75 mm142.875 mm473 mm101.6 mm4400 kN
331656415.925 mm590.55 mm244.475 mm497 mm193.675 mm9650 kN
BT2B 332604/HA1431.8 mm571.5 mm155.575 mm500 mm111.125 mm5100 kN
BT2B 332237 A/HA1431.8 mm571.5 mm192.088 mm500 mm146.05 mm6950 kN
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