THK Separate Type (HR)

  • THK HR Set

    THK HR Set

    The steel balls roll along the LM rail and the two rows of rolling surfaces on the LM block that have been precisely ground; the end cover plate assembled on the LM block makes the rows of steel balls circulate. The LM block uses a retaining plate to hold the steel ball, so the steel ball will not fall off. The angular contact structure is adopted, and the two rows of steel balls rolling on the LM track are in 45 angular contact with the rolling surface. Therefore, after assembling a set on the same plane (combining two LM rails and LM blocks used on the same plane), the same load can be carried in 4 directions (radial, reverse radial and lateral) Load. Moreover, since the section height is low, a compact and stable linear guide mechanism can be obtained. In addition, the gap adjustment is relatively easy, and the installation error absorption capability is also excellent.