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High-capacity cylindrical roller bearings

High-capacity cylindrical roller bearings

Product NumberBore diameterOutside diameterWidthBasic dynamic load ratingBasic static load ratingFatigue load limitReference speedLimiting speedMassShoulder diameter of inner ringShoulder diameter of outer ringRaceway diameter
NCF 3004 CV20 mm42 mm16 mm28.1 kN28.5 kN3.1 kN8500 r/min10000 r/min0.11 kg29 mm33 mm36.81 mm
NCF 3005 CV25 mm47 mm16 mm31.9 kN35.5 kN3.8 kN7000 r/min9000 r/min0.12 kg34 mm39 mm42.51 mm
NJG 2305 VH25 mm62 mm24 mm68.2 kN68 kN8.5 kN4500 r/min5600 r/min0.38 kg36.1 mm48.2 mm31.74 mm
NCF 3006 CV30 mm55 mm19 mm39.6 kN44 kN5.3 kN13000 r/min15000 r/min0.2 kg40 mm45 mm49.6 mm
NJG 2306 VH30 mm72 mm27 mm84.2 kN86.5 kN11 kN4000 r/min4800 r/min0.56 kg43.2 mm56.4 mm38.36 mm
NCF 3007 CV35 mm62 mm20 mm48.4 kN56 kN6.55 kN5300 r/min6700 r/min0.26 kg45 mm51 mm55.52 mm
NJG 2307 VH35 mm80 mm31 mm108 kN114 kN14.3 kN3400 r/min4300 r/min0.75 kg50.4 mm65.8 mm44.75 mm
NCF 3008 CV40 mm68 mm21 mm57.2 kN69.5 kN8.15 kN4800 r/min6000 r/min0.31 kg50 mm58 mm61.74 mm
NJG 2308 VH40 mm90 mm33 mm145 kN156 kN20 kN3000 r/min3600 r/min1 kg57.6 mm75.2 mm51.15 mm
NCF 3009 CV45 mm75 mm23 mm60.5 kN78 kN9.15 kN4300 r/min5300 r/min0.4 kg55 mm62 mm66.85 mm
NJG 309 VH45 mm100 mm25 mm110 kN112 kN14 kN7500 r/min9000 r/min0.94 kg62.5 mm80.1 mm56.14 mm
NJG 2309 VH45 mm100 mm36 mm172 kN196 kN25.5 kN2800 r/min3400 r/min1.4 kg62.5 mm80.1 mm56.14 mm
NCF 3010 CV50 mm80 mm23 mm76.5 kN98 kN11.8 kN4000 r/min5000 r/min0.43 kg59 mm68 mm72.33 mm
NCF 3011 CV55 mm90 mm26 mm105 kN140 kN17.3 kN3400 r/min4300 r/min0.64 kg68 mm79 mm83.54 mm
NJG 2311 VH55 mm120 mm43 mm233 kN260 kN33.5 kN2200 r/min2800 r/min2.3 kg75.5 mm98.6 mm67.14 mm
NCF 2912 CV60 mm85 mm16 mm55 kN80 kN9.15 kN3600 r/min4500 r/min0.27 kg69 mm74.5 mm78.65 mm
NCF 3012 CV60 mm95 mm26 mm106 kN146 kN18.3 kN3400 r/min4000 r/min0.69 kg71 mm82 mm86.74 mm
NCF 2913 CV65 mm90 mm16 mm58.3 kN88 kN10.2 kN3200 r/min4000 r/min0.31 kg75.5 mm81 mm85.24 mm
NCF 3013 CV65 mm100 mm26 mm112 kN163 kN20 kN3000 r/min3800 r/min0.73 kg78 mm88 mm93.09 mm
NJG 2313 VH65 mm140 mm48 mm303 kN360 kN46.5 kN1900 r/min2400 r/min3.55 kg89.9 mm116 mm80.7 mm
NCF 2914 CV70 mm100 mm19 mm76.5 kN116 kN13.7 kN3000 r/min3800 r/min0.49 kg80.5 mm88.5 mm92.5 mm
NCF 3014 CV70 mm110 mm30 mm128 kN173 kN22.4 kN6000 r/min7000 r/min1 kg81 mm95 mm100.28 mm
NJG 2314 VH70 mm150 mm51 mm336 kN400 kN50 kN1800 r/min2200 r/min4.4 kg93.8 mm121 mm84.2 mm
NCF 2915 CV75 mm105 mm19 mm79.2 kN125 kN14.6 kN2800 r/min3600 r/min0.52 kg86 mm93 mm97.5 mm
NCF 3015 CV75 mm115 mm30 mm134 kN190 kN24.5 kN2600 r/min3200 r/min1.05 kg89 mm103 mm107.9 mm
NJG 2315 VH75 mm160 mm55 mm396 kN480 kN60 kN1600 r/min2000 r/min5.35 kg101 mm131 mm91.2 mm
NCF 2916 CV80 mm110 mm19 mm80.9 kN132 kN15.6 kN2600 r/min3400 r/min0.55 kg90.5 mm99 mm102.7 mm
NCF 3016 CV80 mm125 mm34 mm165 kN228 kN29 kN2400 r/min3000 r/min1.45 kg95 mm111 mm116.99 mm
NJG 2316 VH80 mm170 mm58 mm457 kN570 kN71 kN1500 r/min1900 r/min6.4 kg109 mm141 mm98.3 mm
NCF 2917 CV85 mm120 mm22 mm102 kN166 kN20.4 kN6300 r/min6300 r/min0.81 kg96 mm105 mm109.5 mm
NCF 3017 CV85 mm130 mm34 mm172 kN236 kN30 kN2400 r/min3000 r/min1.5 kg99 mm116 mm121.44 mm
NJG 2317 VH85 mm180 mm60 mm484 kN620 kN76.5 kN1400 r/min1800 r/min7.4 kg118 mm149 mm107 mm
NCF 2918 CV90 mm125 mm22 mm105 kN176 kN20.8 kN2400 r/min3000 r/min0.84 kg102 mm111 mm115.6 mm
NCF 3018 CV90 mm140 mm37 mm198 kN280 kN35.5 kN2200 r/min2800 r/min1.95 kg106 mm124 mm130.11 mm
NJG 2318 VH90 mm190 mm64 mm550 kN680 kN83 kN1400 r/min1700 r/min8.75 kg117 mm152 mm108.8 mm
NCF 2920 CV100 mm140 mm24 mm128 kN200 kN24.5 kN2000 r/min2600 r/min1.1 kg114 mm126 mm130.6 mm
NCF 3020 CV100 mm150 mm37 mm209 kN310 kN37.5 kN2000 r/min2600 r/min2.15 kg115 mm134 mm139.65 mm
NJG 2320 VH100 mm215 mm73 mm704 kN900 kN106 kN1200 r/min1500 r/min13 kg133 mm173 mm122.8 mm
NCF 2922 CV110 mm150 mm24 mm134 kN220 kN26 kN1900 r/min2400 r/min1.2 kg124 mm136 mm141.1 mm
NCF 3022 CV110 mm170 mm45 mm275 kN400 kN48 kN3800 r/min4500 r/min3.5 kg127 mm149 mm156.13 mm
NJG 2322 VH110 mm240 mm80 mm858 kN1060 kN122 kN1100 r/min1300 r/min17.5 kg151 mm198 mm134.3 mm
NCF 2924 CV120 mm165 mm27 mm172 kN290 kN34.5 kN4300 r/min4300 r/min1.75 kg136 mm149 mm154.3 mm
NCF 3024 CV120 mm180 mm46 mm292 kN440 kN52 kN1700 r/min2000 r/min3.8 kg139 mm160 mm167.58 mm
NCF 2224 V120 mm215 mm58 mm512 kN735 kN85 kN1400 r/min1700 r/min9.05 kg150 mm184 mm192.32 mm
NJG 2324 VH120 mm260 mm86 mm952 kN1250 kN140 kN1000 r/min1200 r/min22.5 kg164 mm213 mm147.39 mm
NCF 2926 CV130 mm180 mm30 mm205 kN360 kN40.5 kN1600 r/min2000 r/min2.35 kg147 mm161 mm167.1 mm
NCF 3026 CV130 mm200 mm52 mm413 kN620 kN72 kN1500 r/min1900 r/min5.8 kg149 mm175 mm183.81 mm
NJG 2326 VH130 mm280 mm93 mm1080 kN1430 kN156 kN950 r/min1200 r/min28 kg175 mm226 mm157.9 mm
NCF 2928 CV140 mm190 mm30 mm220 kN390 kN43 kN1500 r/min1900 r/min2.4 kg158 mm173 mm180 mm
NCF 3028 CV140 mm210 mm53 mm440 kN680 kN78 kN1400 r/min1800 r/min6.1 kg163 mm189 mm197.82 mm
NCF 2228 V140 mm250 mm68 mm693 kN1020 kN114 kN1200 r/min1500 r/min14.5 kg173 mm212 mm221.92 mm
NJG 2328 VH140 mm300 mm102 mm1230 kN1660 kN180 kN850 r/min1100 r/min35.5 kg187 mm241 mm168.5 mm
NCF 2930 CV150 mm210 mm36 mm292 kN490 kN55 kN1400 r/min1700 r/min3.75 kg169 mm189 mm196.4 mm
NCF 3030 CV150 mm225 mm56 mm457 kN710 kN80 kN1300 r/min1700 r/min7.5 kg170 mm198 mm206.8 mm
NCF 2230 V150 mm270 mm73 mm781 kN1 220 kN132 kN950 r/min1200 r/min18.5 kg184 mm227 mm236.71 mm
NJG 2330 VH150 mm320 mm108 mm1450 kN1930 kN196 kN800 r/min1000 r/min42.5 kg202 mm261 mm182.5 mm
NCF 2932 CV160 mm220 mm36 mm303 kN530 kN58.5 kN1300 r/min1600 r/min4 kg180 mm200 mm207.2 mm
NCF 3032 CV160 mm240 mm60 mm512 kN800 kN90 kN1200 r/min1500 r/min9.1 kg185 mm215 mm224.86 mm
NCF 2232 V160 mm290 mm80 mm990 kN1500 kN160 kN950 r/min1200 r/min23 kg208 mm255 mm266.36 mm
NCF 2934 CV170 mm230 mm36 mm314 kN560 kN60 kN1200 r/min1500 r/min4.3 kg191 mm211 mm218 mm
NCF 3034 CV170 mm260 mm67 mm671 kN1060 kN118 kN1100 r/min1400 r/min12.5 kg198 mm232 mm242.85 mm
NCF 2234 V170 mm310 mm86 mm1100 kN1700 kN176 kN900 r/min1100 r/min28.5 kg219 mm269 mm281.09 mm
NJG 2334 VH170 mm360 mm120 mm1760 kN2 450 kN236 kN700 r/min900 r/min59.5 kg227 mm291 mm203.55 mm
NCF 2936 CV180 mm250 mm42 mm391 kN695 kN75 kN1100 r/min1400 r/min6.2 kg203 mm223 mm232 mm
NCF 3036 CV180 mm280 mm74 mm781 kN1250 kN134 kN1100 r/min1300 r/min16.5 kg212 mm248 mm260.22 mm
NJG 2336 VH180 mm380 mm126 mm1870 kN2650 kN255 kN670 r/min800 r/min69.5 kg245 mm309 mm221.75 mm
NCF 2938 CV190 mm260 mm42 mm440 kN780 kN81.5 kN1100 r/min1400 r/min6.5 kg212 mm236 mm244 mm
NCF 3038 CV190 mm290 mm75 mm792 kN1290 kN140 kN1000 r/min1300 r/min17 kg222 mm258 mm269.76 mm
NCF 2238 V190 mm340 mm92 mm1250 kN1900 kN196 kN800 r/min1000 r/min35.5 kg243 mm296 mm310.68 mm
NJG 2338 VH190 mm400 mm132 mm2160 kN3000 kN280 kN630 r/min800 r/min80 kg250 mm320 mm224.544 mm
NCF 1840 V200 mm250 mm24 mm176 kN335 kN32.5 kN1100 r/min1400 r/min2.6 kg218 mm231 mm237.5 mm
NCF 2940 CV200 mm280 mm48 mm528 kN965 kN100 kN1000 r/min1300 r/min9.1 kg226 mm253 mm262 mm
NCF 3040 CV200 mm310 mm82 mm913 kN1530 kN160 kN950 r/min1200 r/min22.5 kg237 mm275 mm287.75 mm
NJG 2340 VH200 mm420 mm138 mm2290 kN3200 kN290 kN600 r/min750 r/min92 kg266 mm342 mm238.65 mm
NCF 1844 V220 mm270 mm24 mm183 kN365 kN34.5 kN1000 r/min1200 r/min2.85 kg238 mm252 mm258 mm
NCF 2944 CV220 mm300 mm48 mm550 kN1060 kN106 kN900 r/min1200 r/min9.9 kg247 mm274 mm283 mm
NCF 3044 CV220 mm340 mm90 mm1080 kN1800 kN186 kN850 r/min1100 r/min29.5 kg255 mm298 mm312.2 mm
NCF 2244 V220 mm400 mm108 mm1830 kN2750 kN255 kN700 r/min850 r/min58 kg277 mm349 mm366 mm
NJG 2344 VH220 mm460 mm145 mm2700 kN3750 kN335 kN530 r/min670 r/min111 kg295 mm383 mm266.7 mm
NCF 1848 V240 mm300 mm28 mm260 kN510 kN47.5 kN900 r/min1100 r/min4.4 kg263 mm279 mm287 mm
NCF 2948 CV240 mm320 mm48 mm583 kN1140 kN114 kN850 r/min1100 r/min10.5 kg267 mm294 mm303 mm
NCF 3048 CV240 mm360 mm92 mm1140 kN1960 kN200 kN800 r/min1000 r/min32 kg278 mm321 mm335.1 mm
NJG 2348 VH240 mm500 mm155 mm3140 kN4400 kN390 kN480 r/min600 r/min147 kg310 mm403 mm287.75 mm
NCF 1852 V260 mm320 mm28 mm270 kN550 kN50 kN800 r/min1000 r/min4.55 kg283 mm299 mm307.2 mm
NCF 2952 CV260 mm360 mm60 mm737 kN1430 kN143 kN750 r/min950 r/min18 kg291 mm323 mm333.7 mm
NCF 3052 CV260 mm400 mm104 mm1540 kN2550 kN250 kN700 r/min900 r/min46.5 kg304 mm358 mm375.97 mm
NJG 2352 VH260 mm540 mm165 mm3580 kN5000 kN430 kN430 r/min530 r/min177 kg349 mm456 mm315.9 mm
NCF 1856 V280 mm350 mm33 mm341 kN695 kN64 kN750 r/min950 r/min7.1 kg307 mm325 mm334 mm
NCF 2956 CV280 mm380 mm60 mm880 kN1730 kN166 kN700 r/min900 r/min19.5 kg314 mm348 mm359.1 mm
NCF 3056 CV280 mm420 mm106 mm1570 kN2650 kN260 kN670 r/min850 r/min50 kg319 mm373 mm390.3 mm
NCF 1860 V300 mm380 mm38 mm418 kN850 kN75 kN670 r/min850 r/min10 kg331 mm353 mm363 mm
NCF 2960 CV300 mm420 mm72 mm1120 kN2200 kN208 kN630 r/min800 r/min31 kg341 mm375 mm390.5 mm
NCF 3060 CV300 mm460 mm118 mm1900 kN3250 kN300 kN600 r/min750 r/min65.5 kg355 mm413 mm433 mm
NCF 1864 V320 mm400 mm38 mm440 kN900 kN80 kN630 r/min800 r/min10.5 kg351 mm373 mm383 mm
NCF 2964 V320 mm440 mm72 mm1140 kN2360 kN220 kN600 r/min750 r/min33 kg359 mm401 mm411 mm
NCF 3064 CV320 mm480 mm121 mm1980 kN3450 kN310 kN560 r/min700 r/min71 kg368 mm434 mm449.5 mm
NCF 1868 V340 mm420 mm38 mm446 kN950 kN83 kN600 r/min750 r/min11 kg371 mm393 mm403 mm
NCF 2968 V340 mm460 mm72 mm1190 kN2500 kN228 kN560 r/min700 r/min35 kg378 mm421 mm431 mm
NCF 3068 CV340 mm520 mm133 mm2380 kN4150 kN355 kN530 r/min670 r/min95 kg395 mm468 mm485.65 mm
NCF 1872 V360 mm440 mm38 mm402 kN900 kN76.5 kN560 r/min700 r/min11.5 kg388 mm413 mm418.9 mm
NCF 2972 CV360 mm480 mm72 mm1230 kN2600 kN240 kN530 r/min670 r/min36.5 kg404 mm437 mm451.5 mm
NCF 3072 CV360 mm540 mm134 mm2420 kN4300 kN365 kN500 r/min630 r/min105 kg412 mm486 mm503.45 mm
NCF 1876 V380 mm480 mm46 mm627 kN1290 kN114 kN530 r/min670 r/min19.5 kg416 mm448 mm458 mm
NCF 2976 V380 mm520 mm82 mm1570 kN3250 kN300 kN500 r/min630 r/min52 kg427 mm474 mm488 mm
NCF 3076 V380 mm560 mm135 mm2700 kN5100 kN425 kN480 r/min600 r/min110 kg431 mm504 mm520.5 mm
NCF 1880 V400 mm500 mm46 mm627 kN1340 kN118 kN500 r/min630 r/min20.5 kg433 mm465 mm475 mm
NCF 2980 CV400 mm540 mm82 mm1650 kN3450 kN310 kN480 r/min600 r/min54.5 kg449 mm499 mm511 mm
NCF 3080 CV400 mm600 mm148 mm2970 kN5500 kN450 kN450 r/min560 r/min145 kg460 mm540 mm558 mm
NCF 1884 V420 mm520 mm46 mm660 kN1430 kN122 kN480 r/min600 r/min20.5 kg457 mm489 mm499 mm
NCF 2984 V420 mm560 mm82 mm1650 kN3600 kN315 kN450 r/min560 r/min57 kg462 mm512 mm524 mm
NCF 3084 CV420 mm620 mm150 mm3030 kN5700 kN455 kN430 r/min530 r/min150 kg480 mm559 mm577.6 mm
NCF 1888 V440 mm540 mm46 mm671 kN1460 kN125 kN450 r/min560 r/min22 kg474 mm506 mm516 mm
NCF 2888 V440 mm540 mm60 mm1060 kN2700 kN232 kN450 r/min560 r/min30 kg474 mm508 mm516 mm
NCF 2988 V440 mm600 mm95 mm2010 kN4400 kN380 kN430 r/min530 r/min80 kg502 mm545 mm565.5 mm
NCF 2892 V/HB1460 mm580 mm72 mm1300 kN3050 kN260 kN430 r/min530 r/min44 kg501 mm543 mm553 mm
NCF 2992 V460 mm620 mm95 mm2050 kN4500 kN390 kN400 r/min500 r/min83 kg516 mm558 mm579 mm
NCF 3092 CV460 mm680 mm163 mm3690 kN6950 kN540 kN380 r/min480 r/min195 kg522 mm611 mm632.97 mm
NCF 1896 V480 mm600 mm56 mm935 kN2040 kN170 kN400 r/min500 r/min35.5 kg522 mm561 mm573.5 mm
NCF 2896 V480 mm600 mm72 mm1320 kN3150 kN265 kN400 r/min500 r/min46 kg520 mm562 mm573.5 mm
NCF 2996 V480 mm650 mm100 mm2290 kN4900 kN405 kN380 r/min480 r/min93 kg538 mm584 mm615 mm
NCF 3096 CV480 mm700 mm165 mm3740 kN7200 kN550 kN360 r/min450 r/min205 kg546 mm628 mm654 mm
NCF 18/500 V500 mm620 mm56 mm952 kN2120 kN173 kN380 r/min480 r/min35.5 kg542 mm582 mm594 mm
NCF 28/500 V500 mm620 mm72 mm1340 kN3350 kN275 kN380 r/min480 r/min47 kg541 mm582 mm594 mm
NCF 29/500 V500 mm670 mm100 mm2380 kN5300 kN430 kN360 r/min450 r/min100 kg553 mm611 mm634.5 mm
NCF 30/500 CV500 mm720 mm167 mm3800 kN7500 kN570 kN360 r/min450 r/min215 kg565 mm650 mm676 mm
NCF 18/530 V530 mm650 mm56 mm990 kN2240 kN180 kN360 r/min450 r/min38.5 kg573 mm612 mm624.5 mm
NCF 28/530 V530 mm650 mm72 mm1400 kN3450 kN285 kN360 r/min450 r/min49.5 kg572 mm614 mm624.5 mm
NCF 29/530 V530 mm710 mm106 mm2700 kN6000 kN465 kN340 r/min430 r/min120 kg598 mm648 mm673 mm
NCF 30/530 V530 mm780 mm185 mm5230 kN10600 kN780 kN320 r/min400 r/min300 kg610 mm702 mm732 mm
NCF 18/560 V/HB1560 mm680 mm56 mm1020 kN2360 kN186 kN340 r/min430 r/min39 kg603 mm643 mm655 mm
NCF 28/560 V560 mm680 mm72 mm1420 kN3650 kN300 kN340 r/min430 r/min54 kg606 mm637 mm655 mm
NCF 29/560 V/HB1560 mm750 mm112 mm3030 kN6700 kN490 kN320 r/min400 r/min140 kg628 mm682 mm709 mm
NCF 30/560 V560 mm820 mm195 mm5830 kN11800 kN865 kN300 r/min380 r/min345 kg642 mm738 mm770 mm
NCF 18/600 V600 mm730 mm60 mm1050 kN2550 kN196 kN320 r/min400 r/min51.5 kg644 mm684 mm696 mm
NCF 28/600 V/HB1600 mm730 mm78 mm1570 kN4300 kN340 kN320 r/min400 r/min67.5 kg642 mm685 mm696 mm
NCF 29/600 V600 mm800 mm118 mm3360 kN7500 kN550 kN300 r/min380 r/min170 kg662 mm726 mm754 mm
NCF18/630 V630 mm780 mm69 mm1250 kN2900 kN232 kN300 r/min360 r/min72.5 kg681 mm725 mm739 mm
NCF 28/630 V630 mm780 mm88 mm1940 kN5000 kN390 kN300 r/min360 r/min92 kg680 mm728 mm741.4 mm
NCF 29/630 V630 mm850 mm128 mm3740 kN8650 kN610 kN280 r/min340 r/min205 kg709 mm788 mm807 mm
NCF 18/670 V670 mm820 mm69 mm1300 kN3150 kN245 kN280 r/min340 r/min74 kg725 mm769 mm783 mm
NCF 28/670 V670 mm820 mm88 mm1940 kN5300 kN415 kN280 r/min340 r/min98 kg724 mm772 mm783 mm
NCF 29/670 V670 mm900 mm136 mm3910 kN9000 kN630 kN260 r/min320 r/min245 kg748 mm827 mm846 mm
NCF 18/710 V710 mm870 mm74 mm1540 kN3750 kN285 kN260 r/min320 r/min92.5 kg767 mm815 mm831 mm
NCF 28/710 V710 mm870 mm95 mm2330 kN6300 kN480 kN260 r/min320 r/min115 kg766 mm818 mm831 mm
NCF 29/710 V710 mm950 mm140 mm4290 kN10000 kN695 kN240 r/min300 r/min275 kg790 mm876 mm896 mm
NCF 18/750 V750 mm920 mm78 mm1760 kN4300 kN315 kN240 r/min300 r/min105 kg811 mm863 mm880 mm
NCF 28/750 V750 mm920 mm100 mm2640 kN6950 kN520 kN240 r/min300 r/min139 kg810 mm867 mm878 mm
NCF 29/750 V750 mm1000 mm145 mm4460 kN10600 kN710 kN220 r/min280 r/min313 kg832 mm918 mm938 mm
NCF 18/800 V800 mm980 mm82 mm1940 kN4800 kN345 kN220 r/min280 r/min126 kg863 mm922 mm936 mm
NCF 28/800 V800 mm980 mm106 mm2750 kN7500 kN550 kN220 r/min280 r/min169 kg863 mm922 mm936 mm
NCF 29/800 V800 mm1060 mm150 mm4950 kN12000 kN800 kN200 r/min260 r/min359 kg891 mm981 mm1002 mm
NCF 18/850 V850 mm1030 mm82 mm2050 kN5200 kN375 kN200 r/min260 r/min131 kg911 mm972 mm986 mm
NCF 28/850 V850 mm1030 mm106 mm2860 kN8000 kN570 kN200 r/min260 r/min175 kg911 mm972 mm986 mm
NCF 29/850 V850 mm1120 mm155 mm5230 kN12700 kN830 kN190 r/min240 r/min406 kg943 mm1039 mm1061 mm
NCF 18/900 V/HB1900 mm1090 mm85 mm2240 kN5700 kN405 kN190 r/min240 r/min154 kg966 mm1029 mm1044 mm
NCF 28/900 V900 mm1090 mm112 mm3190 kN9150 kN655 kN190 r/min240 r/min210 kg966 mm1029 mm1044 mm
NCF 29/900 V900 mm1180 mm165 mm5940 kN14600 kN950 kN170 r/min220 r/min472 kg996 mm1096 mm1120 mm
NCF 18/950 V950 mm1150 mm90 mm2420 kN6300 kN425 kN170 r/min220 r/min185 kg1021 mm1087 mm1103 mm
NCF 28/950 V950 mm1150 mm118 mm3410 kN9800 kN655 kN170 r/min220 r/min240 kg1021 mm1087 mm1103 mm
NCF 29/950 V950 mm1250 mm175 mm6600 kN16300 kN1020 kN160 r/min200 r/min565 kg1048 mm1154 mm1179 mm
NCF 18/1000 V1000 mm1220 mm100 mm2920 kN7500 kN455 kN160 r/min200 r/min230 kg1073 mm1148 mm1165 mm
NCF 28/1000 V1000 mm1220 mm128 mm4130 kN11600 kN720 kN160 r/min200 r/min309 kg1073 mm1148 mm1165 mm
NCF 29/1000 V1000 mm1320 mm185 mm7480 kN18600 kN1160 kN150 r/min180 r/min680 kg1113 mm1226 mm1252 mm
NCF 18/1120 V1120 mm1360 mm106 mm3740 kN9650 kN585 kN130 r/min170 r/min298 kg1206 mm1290 mm1310 mm
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