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Spherical roller bearings

Spherical roller bearings

BSPD is an excellent supplier and service provider of spherical roller bearings, and its products are widely used in papermaking, rolling mills, metallurgy, construction machinery and other industries. If you are in the design and selection stage, BSPD engineers can provide you with high-quality pre-sales services.

Spherical roller bearings are bearings with two rows of drum rollers assembled between an inner ring with two raceways and an outer ring with spherical raceways. Mainly bear radial load, but also can bear axial load in any direction. It has high radial load capacity, especially suitable for working under heavy load conditions. The self-aligning performance is strong, which can compensate the coaxiality error, and the bearing can still be used normally when the shaft is bent or the installation is not concentric. The weak point of the spherical roller is that the axial positioning accuracy is low, and it is not suitable for axial positioning support under pure axial load.

Product NumberBore DiaOuter DiaWidthDynamic Load Rating (KN)Basic Load Rating (KN)Speed ratings (Reference speed)(r/min)Speed ratings (Limting speed)(r/min)weightSeal Type
22205/20 E20 mm52 mm18 mm47.5342.6813000170000.28Open
22205 E25 mm52 mm18 mm47.5342.6813000170000.26Open
21305 CC25 mm62 mm17 mm46.5640.2559300120000.28Open
22206 E30 mm62 mm20 mm62.0858.210000140000.29Open
21306 CC30 mm72 mm19 mm62.0859.178200100000.41Open
22207 E35 mm72 mm23 mm83.90582.4590000120000.45Open
21307 CC35 mm80 mm21 mm74.20569.84730095000.55Open
22208 E40 mm80 mm23 mm93.60587.38000110000.53Open
21308 E40 mm90 mm23 mm100.88104.76700095000.75Open
22308 E40 mm90 mm33 mm145.5135.8600080001.05Open
22209 E45 mm85 mm23 mm98.9495.067500100000.58Open
21309 E45 mm100 mm25 mm121.25123.19630085000.99Open
22309 E45 mm100 mm36 mm177.51177.51530070001.4Open
22210 E50 mm90 mm23 mm100.88104.76700095000.63Open
21310 E50 mm110 mm27 mm151.32161.02560075001.35Open
22310 E50 mm110 mm40 mm213.4217.28480063001.9Open
22211 E55 mm100 mm25 mm121.25123.19630085000.84Open
21311 E55 mm120 mm29 mm151.32161.02560075001.7Open
22311 E55 mm120 mm43 mm261.9271.6430056002.45Open
22212 E60 mm110 mm28 mm151.32161.02560075001.15Open
21312 E60 mm130 mm31 mm205.64232.8480063002.1Open
22312 E60 mm130 mm46 mm300.7324.95400053003.1Open
24013 CC/W3365 mm100 mm35 mm128.04167.81430063000.95Open
22213 E65 mm120 mm31 mm187.21209.52500070001.55Open
21313 E65 mm140 mm33 mm228.92261.9430060002.55Open
22313 E65 mm140 mm48 mm329.8349.2380050003.75Open
22214 E70 mm125 mm31 mm201.76221.16500067001.55Open
21314 E70 mm150 mm35 mm276.45315.25400056003.1Open
22314 E70 mm150 mm51 mm388417.1340045004.55Open
24015 CC/W3375 mm115 mm40 mm167.81225.04380053001.55Open
22215 E75 mm130 mm31 mm205.64232.8480063001.7Open
21315 E75 mm160 mm37 mm276.45315.25400056003.75Open
22315 E75 mm160 mm55 mm426.8460.75320043005.55Open
22216 E80 mm140 mm33 mm228.92261.9430060002.1Open
21316 E80 mm170 mm39 mm315.25363.75380053004.45Open
22316 E80 mm170 mm58 mm475.3523.8300040006.6Open
22217 E85 mm150 mm36 mm276.45315.25400056002.7Open
21317 E85 mm180 mm41 mm315.25363.75380053005.2Open
22317 E85 mm180 mm60 mm533.5601.4280038007.65Open
22218 E90 mm160 mm40 mm315.25363.75380053003.4Open
23218 CC/W3390 mm160 mm52.4 mm344.35426.8280038004.65Open
21318 E90 mm190 mm43 mm368.6436.5360048006.1Open
22318 E90 mm190 mm64 mm591.7674.15260036009.05Open
22219 E95 mm170 mm43 mm368.6436.5360048004.15Open
21319 E95 mm200 mm45 mm412.25475.3340045007.05Open
22319 E95 mm200 mm67 mm649.9742.052600340010.5Open
24020 CC/W33100 mm150 mm50 mm276.45402.55280040003.15Open
23120 CC/W33100 mm165 mm52 mm354.05475.3300040004.55Open
24120 CC/W33100 mm165 mm65 mm441.35620.8240032005.65Open
22220 E100 mm180 mm46 mm412.25475.3340045004.9Open
23220 CC/W33100 mm180 mm60.3 mm460.75582240034006.85Open
21320 E100 mm215 mm47 mm412.25475.3340045008.6Open
22320 E100 mm215 mm73 mm790.55921.52400300013.5Open
23022 CC/W33110 mm170 mm45 mm300.7426.8340043003.8Open
24022 CC/W33110 mm170 mm60 mm402.55601.4240036005Open
23122 CC/W33110 mm180 mm56 mm417.1567.45280036005.75Open
24122 CC/W33110 mm180 mm69 mm504.4727.5200030007.1Open
22222 E110 mm200 mm53 mm543.2620.8300040007Open
23222 CC/W33110 mm200 mm69.8 mm582742.05220032009.85Open
22322 E110 mm240 mm80 mm921.51086.42000280018.5Open
23024 CC/W33120 mm180 mm46 mm344.35494.7320040004.2Open
24024 CC/W33120 mm180 mm60 mm417.1649.9240034005.45Open
23124 CC/W33120 mm200 mm62 mm494.7674.15260034008Open
24124 CC/W33120 mm200 mm80 mm635.35921.51900260010.5Open
22224 E120 mm215 mm58 mm611.1742.05280038008.7Open
23224 CC/W33120 mm215 mm76 mm674.15902.12000280012Open
22324 CC/W33120 mm260 mm86 mm936.051086.42000260023Open
23026 CC/W33130 mm200 mm52 mm417.1591.7280036006Open
24026 CC/W33130 mm200 mm69 mm523.8790.55200030008.05Open
23126 CC/W33130 mm210 mm64 mm543.2756.6240032008.8Open
24126 CC/W33130 mm210 mm80 mm659.69701700240011Open
22226 E130 mm230 mm64 mm712.95902.12600360011Open
23226 CC/W33130 mm230 mm80 mm756.61028.21900260014.5Open
22326 CC/W33130 mm280 mm93 mm1086.41280.41800240029Open
23028 CC/W33140 mm210 mm53 mm451.05659.6260034006.55Open
24028 CC/W33140 mm210 mm69 mm552.9873200028008.55Open
23128 CC/W33140 mm225 mm68 mm611.18732200280010.5Open
24128 CC/W33140 mm225 mm85 mm742.051125.21600220013.5Open
22228 CC/W33140 mm250 mm68 mm688.78732400320014Open
23228 CC/W33140 mm250 mm88 mm887.551212.51700240019Open
22328 CC/W33140 mm300 mm102 mm1251.31513.21700220036.5Open
23030 CC/W33150 mm225 mm56 mm494.7727.5240032007.95Open
24030 CC/W33150 mm225 mm75 mm635.351008.81800260010.5Open
23130 CC/W33150 mm250 mm80 mm805.111642000260016Open
24130 CC/W33150 mm250 mm100 mm989.41484.11400200020Open
22230 CC/W33150 mm270 mm73 mm824.51047.62200300018Open
23230 CC/W33150 mm270 mm96 mm1047.61416.21600220024.5Open
22330 CC/W33150 mm320 mm108 mm1416.21707.21600200043.5Open
23032 CC/W33160 mm240 mm60 mm567.45853.6240030009.7Open
24032 CC/W33160 mm240 mm80 mm727.511641700240013Open
23132 CC/W33160 mm270 mm86 mm950.61328.91900240020.5Open
24132 CC/W33160 mm270 mm109 mm1144.61707.21300190025Open
22232 CC/W33160 mm290 mm80 mm9701251.32000280022.5Open
23232 CC/W33160 mm290 mm104 mm1183.41610.21500220031Open
22332 CC/W33160 mm340 mm114 mm15521901.21500190052Open
23034 CC/W33170 mm260 mm67 mm688.71028.22200280013Open
24034 CC/W33170 mm260 mm90 mm902.11416.21600240017.5Open
23134 CC/W33170 mm280 mm88 mm1008.814551800240022Open
24134 CC/W33170 mm280 mm109 mm1183.41804.21200180027.5Open
22234 CC/W33170 mm310 mm86 mm1086.41416.21900260028.5Open
23234 CC/W33170 mm310 mm110 mm1358902.11400200037.5Open
22334 CC/W33170 mm360 mm120 mm1707.22095.21400180061Open
23936 CC/W33180 mm250 mm52 mm475.3805.1260028007.9Open
23036 CC/W33180 mm280 mm74 mm805.11212.52000260017Open
24036 CC/W33180 mm280 mm100 mm1047.61678.11500220023Open
23136 CC/W33180 mm300 mm96 mm11641707.21700220028Open
24136 CC/W33180 mm300 mm118 mm13582095.21100160034.5Open
22236 CC/W33180 mm320 mm86 mm1144.61513.21800260029.5Open
23236 CC/W33180 mm320 mm112 mm14552056.41300190039.5Open
22336 CC/W33180 mm380 mm126 mm19402376.51300170071.5Open
23938 CC/W33190 mm260 mm52 mm460.75776240026008.3Open
23038 CC/W33190 mm290 mm75 mm839.051299.81900240018Open
24038 CC/W33190 mm290 mm100 mm1086.417461400200024.5Open
23138 CC/W33190 mm320 mm104 mm1328.92017.61500200035Open
24138 CC/W33190 mm320 mm128 mm155224251100150043Open
22238 CC/W33190 mm340 mm92 mm1231.916491700240036.5Open
23238 CC/W33190 mm340 mm120 mm1610.223281300180048Open
22338 CC/W33190 mm400 mm132 mm2056.42570.51200160082.5Open
23940 CC/W33200 mm280 mm60 mm601.41008.82200240011.5Open
23040 CC/W33200 mm310 mm82 mm9701484.11800220023.5Open
24040 CC/W33200 mm310 mm109 mm1251.32056.41300190031Open
23140 CC/W33200 mm340 mm112 mm15522289.21500190043Open
24140 CC/W33200 mm340 mm140 mm174627161000140053.5Open
22240 CC/W33200 mm360 mm98 mm1416.21872.11600220043.5Open
23240 CC/W33200 mm360 mm128 mm1804.226191200170058Open
22340 CC/W33200 mm420 mm138 mm2250.428131200150095Open
23944 CC/W33220 mm300 mm60 mm611.11047.62000220012.5Open
23044 CC/W33220 mm340 mm90 mm1183.41804.21600200030.5Open
24044 CC/W33220 mm340 mm118 mm1513.225221200170040Open
23144 CC/W33220 mm370 mm120 mm17462667.51300170053.5Open
24144 CC/W33220 mm370 mm150 mm2056.43249.5850120067Open
22244 CC/W33220 mm400 mm108 mm1707.22289.21500200060.5Open
23244 CC/W33220 mm400 mm144 mm2289.23346.51100150081.5Open
22344 CC/W33220 mm460 mm145 mm26193346.510001400120Open
23948 CC/W33240 mm320 mm60 mm635.351125.21900200013.5Open
23048 CC/W33240 mm360 mm92 mm1251.32017.61500190033.5Open
24048 CC/W33240 mm360 mm118 mm155226191100160043Open
23148 CC/W33240 mm400 mm128 mm2017.631041200160066.5Open
24148 CC/W33240 mm400 mm160 mm23283783750110083Open
22248 CC/W33240 mm440 mm120 mm213429101300180083Open
23248 CC/W33240 mm440 mm160 mm281341719501300110Open
22348 CC/W33240 mm500 mm155 mm74.20538809501300155Open
23952 CC/W33260 mm360 mm75 mm97017461700190023.5Open
23052 CC/W33260 mm400 mm104 mm15522473.51300170048.5Open
24052 CC/W33260 mm400 mm140 mm1978.83346.51000140065.5Open
23152 CC/W33260 mm440 mm144 mm2473.537831100140090.5Open
24152 CC/W33260 mm440 mm180 mm29104656670950110Open
22252 CC/W33260 mm480 mm130 mm2570.53443.512001600110Open
23252 CC/W33260 mm480 mm174 mm3152.54607.58501200140Open
22352 CC/W33260 mm540 mm165 mm3443.54413.58501100190Open
23956 CC/W33280 mm380 mm75 mm936.051707.21600170025Open
23056 CC/W33280 mm420 mm106 mm1678.12764.51300160052.5Open
24056 CC/W33280 mm420 mm140 mm2095.23686950140069.5Open
23156 CC/W33280 mm460 mm146 mm2570.54122.51000130097Open
24156 CC/W33280 mm460 mm180 mm30074947630900120Open
22256 CC/W33280 mm500 mm130 mm26193637.511001500115Open
23256 CC/W33280 mm500 mm176 mm3152.547538001100150Open
22356 CC/W33280 mm580 mm175 mm388050448001100235Open
23960 CC/W33300 mm420 mm90 mm1328.924251400160039.5Open
23060 CC/W33300 mm460 mm118 mm2056.43346.51200150071.5Open
24060 CC/W33300 mm460 mm160 mm26194607.5850120097Open
23160 CC/W33300 mm500 mm160 mm310449479501200125Open
24160 CC/W33300 mm500 mm200 mm3637.56111560800160Open
22260 CC/W33300 mm540 mm140 mm3055.54122.510001400135Open
23260 CC/W33300 mm540 mm192 mm37835674.57501000190Open
23964 CC/W33320 mm440 mm90 mm1387.126191400150042Open
23064 CC/W33320 mm480 mm121 mm2172.836861100140078Open
24064 CC/W33320 mm480 mm160 mm2764.549478001200100Open
23164 CC/W33320 mm540 mm176 mm3637.558208501100165Open
24164 CC/W33320 mm540 mm218 mm4122.56887500700210Open
22264 CC/W33320 mm580 mm150 mm349247539501300175Open
23264 CC/W33320 mm580 mm208 mm42686499700950240Open
23968 CC/W33340 mm460 mm90 mm1416.227161300140045.5Open
23068 CC/W33340 mm520 mm133 mm26194413.510001300105Open
24068 CC/W33340 mm520 mm180 mm3346.560147501100140Open
23168 CC/W33340 mm580 mm190 mm4122.565968001000210Open
24168 ECCJ/W33340 mm580 mm243 mm51418390.5430630280Open
23268 CA/W33340 mm620 mm224 mm49477566560800295Open
23972 CC/W33360 mm480 mm90 mm13582667.51200130046Open
23072 CC/W33360 mm540 mm134 mm2667.546569501200110Open
24072 CC/W33360 mm540 mm180 mm3443.56353.57001000145Open
23172 CC/W33360 mm600 mm192 mm41716741.57501000220Open
24172 ECCJ/W33360 mm600 mm243 mm54329021400600280Open
22272 CA/W33360 mm650 mm170 mm41716014630850255Open
23272 CA/W33360 mm650 mm232 mm52388051530750335Open
23976 CC/W33380 mm520 mm106 mm1901.236861100120069Open
23076 CC/W33380 mm560 mm135 mm281348509001200115Open
24076 CC/W33380 mm560 mm180 mm34926596670950150Open
23176 CA/W33380 mm620 mm194 mm426868875601000230Open
24176 ECA/W33380 mm620 mm243 mm55299506360530300Open
23276 CA/W33380 mm680 mm240 mm5674.58875.5500750375Open
23980 CC/W33400 mm540 mm106 mm194037831100120071Open
23080 CC/W33400 mm600 mm148 mm32985674.58501100150Open
24080 ECCJ/W33400 mm600 mm200 mm41717760630900205Open
23180 CA/W33400 mm650 mm200 mm4510.57420.5530950265Open
24180 ECA/W33400 mm650 mm250 mm601410282340500340Open
23280 CA/W33400 mm720 mm256 mm6353.510088480670450Open
22380 CA/W33400 mm820 mm243 mm727510088430750650Open
23984 CC/W33420 mm560 mm106 mm1978.84025.51000110074Open
23084 CA/W33420 mm620 mm150 mm329858206001100155Open
24084 ECA/W33420 mm620 mm200 mm42688051530900210Open
23184 CJ/W33420 mm700 mm224 mm54329021480900350Open
24184 ECA/W33420 mm700 mm280 mm7129.512222320480445Open
23284 CA/W33420 mm760 mm272 mm7129.511252450630535Open
23988 CC/W33440 mm600 mm118 mm2376.54753950100099Open
23088 CA/W33440 mm650 mm157 mm3540.56353.55601000180Open
24088 ECA/W33440 mm650 mm212 mm46568875.5500850245Open
23188 CA/W33440 mm720 mm226 mm58209700450850360Open
24188 ECA/W33440 mm720 mm280 mm727512804300450460Open
23288 CA/W33440 mm790 mm280 mm756612125430600590Open
24892 CAMA/W20460 mm580 mm118 mm2017.64753630110075Open
23992 CA/W33460 mm620 mm118 mm242548506001000105Open
23092 CA/W33460 mm680 mm163 mm37836741.5560950205Open
24092 ECA/W33460 mm680 mm218 mm50449700480800275Open
23192 CA/W33460 mm760 mm240 mm620810476430800440Open
24192 ECA/W33460 mm760 mm300 mm805114162280430560Open
23292 CA/W33460 mm830 mm296 mm824513289400560695Open
23996 CA/W33480 mm650 mm128 mm281355295601000125Open
23096 CA/W33480 mm700 mm165 mm37836596530950215Open
24096 ECA/W33480 mm700 mm218 mm514110088450750285Open
23196 CA/W33480 mm790 mm248 mm6741.511640400750485Open
24196 ECA/W33480 mm790 mm308 mm873015132260400605Open
23296 CA/W33480 mm870 mm310 mm902114550380530800Open
239/500 CA/W33500 mm670 mm128 mm28135820530950130Open
230/500 CA/W33500 mm720 mm167 mm4025.57566500900225Open
240/500 ECA/W33500 mm720 mm218 mm533510670430700295Open
231/500 CA/W33500 mm830 mm264 mm7420.512513380700580Open
241/500 ECA/W33500 mm830 mm325 mm950616490260380700Open
232/500 CA/W33500 mm920 mm336 mm1028216781360500985Open
248/530 CAMA/W20530 mm650 mm118 mm2056.4514153095086Open
239/530 CA/W33530 mm710 mm136 mm31046499500900155Open
230/530 CA/W33530 mm780 mm185 mm49479021450800310Open
240/530 ECA/W33530 mm780 mm250 mm649912804400670410Open
231/530 CA/W33530 mm870 mm272 mm7905.513580360670645Open
241/530 ECA/W33530 mm870 mm335 mm1028218430240360830Open
232/530 CA/W33530 mm980 mm355 mm12319197883204801200Open
239/560 CA/W33560 mm750 mm140 mm3346.56984450850175Open
230/560 CA/W33560 mm820 mm195 mm54329894430750355Open
240/560 ECA/W33560 mm820 mm258 mm7129.514162380630465Open
231/560 CA/W33560 mm920 mm280 mm8875.515520340630740Open
241/560 ECJ/W33560 mm920 mm355 mm1164020952220320985Open
232/560 CA/W33560 mm1030 mm365 mm12998213402804301350Open
239/600 CA/W33600 mm800 mm150 mm37838051430750220Open
230/600 CA/W33600 mm870 mm200 mm582011058400700405Open
240/600 ECA/W33600 mm870 mm272 mm7905.516490340560520Open
231/600 CA/W33600 mm980 mm300 mm989417460320560895Open
241/600 ECA/W33600 mm980 mm375 mm12804228922003001200Open
232/600 CA/W33600 mm1090 mm388 mm14550247352604001600Open
238/630 CAMA/W20630 mm780 mm112 mm24255917430750120Open
239/630 CA/W33630 mm850 mm165 mm4510.59506400700280Open
230/630 CA/W33630 mm920 mm212 mm649912125380670485Open
240/630 ECJ/W33630 mm920 mm290 mm853617460320530645Open
231/630 CA/W33630 mm1030 mm315 mm11640201762605301050Open
241/630 ECA/W33630 mm1030 mm400 mm14162261901902801400Open
238/670 CAMA/W20670 mm820 mm112 mm25226208400700130Open
239/670 CA/W33670 mm900 mm170 mm485010476360670315Open
230/670 CA/W33670 mm980 mm230 mm7420.514162340600600Open
240/670 ECA/W33670 mm980 mm308 mm970019788300500790Open
231/670 CA/W33670 mm1090 mm336 mm12125217282405001250Open
241/670 ECA/W33670 mm1090 mm412 mm15520281301802601600Open
232/670 CA/W33670 mm1220 mm438 mm17460295852203602270Open
238/710 CAMA/W20710 mm870 mm118 mm29107275360670153Open
239/710 CA/W33710 mm950 mm180 mm543211640340600365Open
249/710 CA/W33710 mm950 mm243 mm659615132300500495Open
230/710 CA/W33710 mm1030 mm236 mm805115811300560670Open
240/710 ECA/W33710 mm1030 mm315 mm1028222116260450895Open
231/710 CA/W33710 mm1150 mm345 mm13580252202404501450Open
241/710 ECA/W33710 mm1150 mm438 mm16781315251602401900Open
232/710 CA/W33710 mm1280 mm450 mm19788334652003202610Open
238/750 CAMA/W20750 mm920 mm128 mm3249.58245340600185Open
239/750 CA/W33750 mm1000 mm185 mm582012804320560420Open
249/750 CA/W33750 mm1000 mm250 mm7420.517460280480560Open
230/750 CA/W33750 mm1090 mm250 mm9360.518042280530795Open
240/750 ECA/W33750 mm1090 mm335 mm11446242502404301070Open
231/750 CA/W33750 mm1220 mm365 mm15132281302204301700Open
241/750 ECA/W33750 mm1220 mm475 mm19400363751502202100Open
232/750 CAF/W33750 mm1360 mm475 mm20952354051903003050Open
248/800 CAMA/W20800 mm980 mm180 mm4607.512513320560300Open
239/800 CA/W33800 mm1060 mm195 mm620813871280530470Open
249/800 CA/W33800 mm1060 mm258 mm776018721240430640Open
230/800 CA/W33800 mm1150 mm258 mm970019400260480895Open
240/800 ECA/W33800 mm1150 mm345 mm12513276452204001200Open
231/800 CA/W33800 mm1280 mm375 mm16781305552004001920Open
241/800 ECA/W33800 mm1280 mm475 mm20176392851402002300Open
232/800 CAF/W33800 mm1420 mm488 mm23280417101802803280Open
238/850 CAMA/W20850 mm1030 mm136 mm36869700260530240Open
239/850 CA/W33850 mm1120 mm200 mm6741.515132260480560Open
249/850 CA/W33850 mm1120 mm272 mm902122116220400740Open
230/850 CA/W33850 mm1220 mm272 mm10476209522404501050Open
240/850 ECA/W33850 mm1220 mm365 mm14162305552003601410Open
231/850 CA/W33850 mm1360 mm400 mm17751334651803602200Open
241/850 ECAF/W33850 mm1360 mm500 mm22504436501301902770Open
248/900 CAMA/W20900 mm1090 mm190 mm523814841240480370Open
239/900 CA/W33900 mm1180 mm206 mm727516490240450605Open
230/900 CA/W33900 mm1280 mm280 mm11252225042204001200Open
240/900 ECA/W33900 mm1280 mm375 mm15132334651903401570Open
241/900 ECAF/W33900 mm1420 mm515 mm23765475301201803350Open
239/950 CA/W33950 mm1250 mm224 mm805119012220430755Open
249/950 CA/W33950 mm1250 mm300 mm10282252201803401020Open
230/950 CA/W33950 mm1360 mm300 mm13289276452003801450Open
240/950 CAF/W33950 mm1360 mm412 mm16490378301703001990Open
241/950 ECAF/W33950 mm1500 mm545 mm26190533501101603540Open
238/1000 CAMA/W201000 mm1220 mm165 mm523813871220400410Open
249/1000 CA/W331000 mm1320 mm315 mm11446281301703201200Open
230/1000 CAF/W331001 mm1420 mm308 mm14162295851803601600Open
240/1000 CAF/W331001 mm1420 mm412 mm17072392851602802140Open
231/1000 CAF/W331002 mm1580 mm462 mm23765465601402803500Open
241/1000 ECAF/W331002 mm1580 mm580 mm29585601401001504300Open
238/1060 CAMA/W201060 mm1280 mm165 mm533514550200380435Open
248/1060 CAMA/W201060 mm1280 mm218 mm6741.519400200380570Open
239/1060 CAF/W331060 mm1400 mm250 mm10670252201803601100Open
249/1060 CAF/W331060 mm1400 mm335 mm12804315251602801400Open
230/1060 CAF/W331062 mm1500 mm325 mm15520329801703201840Open
240/1060 CAF/W331062 mm1500 mm438 mm19400441351502602520Open
248/1120 CAFA/W201120 mm1360 mm243 mm805123280180340735Open
249/1120 CAF/W331120 mm1460 mm335 mm13289334651402601500Open
240/1120 CAF/W331120 mm1580 mm462 mm20564485001302402930Open
238/1180 CAFA/W201180 mm1420 mm180 mm649918042170320575Open
248/1180 CAFA/W201180 mm1420 mm243 mm853626190170320770Open
239/1180 CAF/W331180 mm1540 mm272 mm12319300701503001400Open
249/1180 CAF/W331180 mm1540 mm355 mm15132392851302401800Open
240/1180 CAF/W331180 mm1660 mm475 mm23765567451302203320Open
230/1250 CAF/W331250 mm1750 mm375 mm19788436501302402840Open
248/1320 CAFA/W201320 mm1600 mm280 mm10864324951402601160Open
249/1320 CAF/W331320 mm1720 mm400 mm18042475301102002500Open
248/1500 CAFA/W201500 mm1820 mm315 mm14162436501102201710Open
248/1800 CAFA/W201800 mm2180 mm375 mm1940061110751402900Open
22205 EK25 mm52 mm18 mm47.5342.6813000170000.26Open
22206 EK30 mm62 mm20 mm62.0858.210000140000.29Open
21306 CCK30 mm72 mm19 mm62.0859.178200100000.41Open
22207 EK35 mm72 mm23 mm83.90582.4590000120000.45Open
21307 CCK35 mm80 mm21 mm74.20569.84730095000.55Open
22208 EK40 mm80 mm23 mm93.60587.38000110000.53Open
21308 EK40 mm90 mm23 mm100.88104.76700095000.75Open
22308 EK40 mm90 mm33 mm145.5135.8600080001.05Open
22209 EK45 mm85 mm23 mm98.9495.067500100000.58Open
21309 EK45 mm100 mm25 mm121.25123.19630085000.99Open
22309 EK45 mm100 mm36 mm177.51177.51530070001.4Open
22210 EK50 mm90 mm23 mm100.88104.76700095000.63Open
21310 EK50 mm110 mm27 mm151.32161.02560075001.35Open
22310 EK50 mm110 mm40 mm213.4217.28480063001.9Open
22211 EK55 mm100 mm25 mm121.25123.19630085000.84Open
21311 EK55 mm120 mm29 mm151.32161.02560075001.7Open
22311 EK55 mm120 mm43 mm261.9271.6430056002.45Open
22212 EK60 mm110 mm28 mm151.32161.02560075001.15Open
21312 EK60 mm130 mm31 mm205.64232.8480063002.1Open
22312 EK60 mm130 mm46 mm300.7324.95400053003.1Open
24013 CCK30/W3365 mm100 mm35 mm128.04167.81430063000.95Open
22213 EK65 mm120 mm31 mm187.21209.52500070001.55Open
21313 EK65 mm140 mm33 mm228.92261.9430060002.55Open
22313 EK65 mm140 mm48 mm329.8349.2380050003.75Open
22214 EK70 mm125 mm31 mm201.76221.16500067001.55Open
21314 EK70 mm150 mm35 mm276.45315.25400056003.1Open
22314 EK70 mm150 mm51 mm388417.1340045004.55Open
24015 CCK30/W3375 mm115 mm40 mm167.81225.04380053001.55Open
22215 EK75 mm130 mm31 mm205.64232.8480063001.7Open
21315 EK75 mm160 mm37 mm276.45315.25400056003.75Open
22315 EK75 mm160 mm55 mm426.8460.75320043005.55Open
22216 EK80 mm140 mm33 mm228.92261.9430060002.1Open
21316 EK80 mm170 mm39 mm315.25363.75380053004.45Open
22316 EK80 mm170 mm58 mm475.3523.8300040006.6Open
22217 EK85 mm150 mm36 mm276.45315.25400056002.7Open
21317 EK85 mm180 mm41 mm315.25363.75380053005.2Open
22317 EK85 mm180 mm60 mm533.5601.4280038007.65Open
22218 EK90 mm160 mm40 mm315.25363.75380053003.4Open
23218 CCK/W3390 mm160 mm52.4 mm344.35426.8280038004.65Open
21318 EK90 mm190 mm43 mm368.6436.5360048006.1Open
22318 EK90 mm190 mm64 mm591.7674.15260036009.05Open
22219 EK95 mm170 mm43 mm368.6436.5360048004.15Open
21319 EK95 mm200 mm45 mm412.25475.3340045007.05Open
22319 EK95 mm200 mm67 mm649.9742.052600340010.5Open
24020 CCK30/W33100 mm150 mm50 mm276.45402.55280040003.15Open
23120 CCK/W33100 mm165 mm52 mm354.05475.3300040004.55Open
24120 CCK30/W33100 mm165 mm65 mm441.35620.8240032005.65Open
22220 EK100 mm180 mm46 mm412.25475.3340045004.9Open
23220 CCK/W33100 mm180 mm60.3 mm460.75582240034006.85Open
21320 EK100 mm215 mm47 mm412.25475.3340045008.6Open
22320 EK100 mm215 mm73 mm790.55921.52400300013.5Open
23022 CCK/W33110 mm170 mm45 mm300.7426.8340043003.8Open
24022 CCK30/W33110 mm170 mm60 mm402.55601.4240036005Open
23122 CCK/W33110 mm180 mm56 mm417.1567.45280036005.75Open
24122 CCK30/W33110 mm180 mm69 mm504.4727.5200030007.1Open
22222 EK110 mm200 mm53 mm543.2620.8300040007Open
23222 CCK/W33110 mm200 mm69.8 mm582742.05220032009.85Open
22322 EK110 mm240 mm80 mm921.51086.42000280018.5Open
23024 CCK/W33120 mm180 mm46 mm344.35494.7320040004.2Open
24024 CCK30/W33120 mm180 mm60 mm417.1649.9240034005.45Open
23124 CCK/W33120 mm200 mm62 mm494.7674.15260034008Open
24124 CCK30/W33120 mm200 mm80 mm635.35921.51900260010.5Open
22224 EK120 mm215 mm58 mm611.1742.05280038008.7Open
23224 CCK/W33120 mm215 mm76 mm674.15902.12000280012Open
22324 CCK/W33120 mm260 mm86 mm936.051086.42000260023Open
23026 CCK/W33130 mm200 mm52 mm417.1591.7280036006Open
24026 CCK30/W33130 mm200 mm69 mm523.8790.55200030008.05Open
23126 CCK/W33130 mm210 mm64 mm543.2756.6240032008.8Open
24126 CCK30/W33130 mm210 mm80 mm659.69701700240011Open
22226 EK130 mm230 mm64 mm712.95902.12600360011Open
23226 CCK/W33130 mm230 mm80 mm756.61028.21900260014.5Open
22326 CCK/W33130 mm280 mm93 mm1086.41280.41800240029Open
23028 CCK/W33140 mm210 mm53 mm451.05659.6260034006.55Open
24028 CCK30/W33140 mm210 mm69 mm552.9873200028008.55Open
23128 CCK/W33140 mm225 mm68 mm611.18732200280010.5Open
24128 CCK30/W33140 mm225 mm85 mm742.051125.21600220013.5Open
22228 CCK/W33140 mm250 mm68 mm688.78732400320014Open
23228 CCK/W33140 mm250 mm88 mm887.551212.51700240019Open
22328 CCK/W33140 mm300 mm102 mm1251.31513.21700220036.5Open
23030 CCK/W33150 mm225 mm56 mm494.7727.5240032007.95Open
24030 CCK30/W33150 mm225 mm75 mm635.351008.81800260010.5Open
23130 CCK/W33150 mm250 mm80 mm805.111642000260016Open
24130 CCK30/W33150 mm250 mm100 mm989.41484.11400200020Open
22230 CCK/W33150 mm270 mm73 mm824.51047.62200300018Open
23230 CCK/W33150 mm270 mm96 mm1047.61416.21600220024.5Open
22330 CCK/W33150 mm320 mm108 mm1416.21707.21600200043.5Open
23032 CCK/W33160 mm240 mm60 mm567.45853.6240030009.7Open
24032 CCK30/W33160 mm240 mm80 mm727.511641700240013Open
23132 CCK/W33160 mm270 mm86 mm950.61328.91900240020.5Open
24132 CCK30/W33160 mm270 mm109 mm1144.61707.21300190025Open
22232 CCK/W33160 mm290 mm80 mm9701251.32000280022.5Open
23232 CCK/W33160 mm290 mm104 mm1183.41610.21500220031Open
22332 CCK/W33160 mm340 mm114 mm15521901.21500190052Open
23034 CCK/W33170 mm260 mm67 mm688.71028.22200280013Open
24034 CCK30/W33170 mm260 mm90 mm902.11416.21600240017.5Open
23134 CCK/W33170 mm280 mm88 mm1008.814551800240022Open
24134 CCK30/W33170 mm280 mm109 mm1183.41804.21200180027.5Open
22234 CCK/W33170 mm310 mm86 mm1086.41416.21900260028.5Open
23234 CCK/W33170 mm310 mm110 mm1358902.11400200037.5Open
22334 CCK/W33170 mm360 mm120 mm1707.22095.21400180061Open
23936 CCK/W33180 mm250 mm52 mm475.3805.1260028007.9Open
23036 CCK/W33180 mm280 mm74 mm805.11212.52000260017Open
24036 CCK30/W33180 mm280 mm100 mm1047.61678.11500220023Open
23136 CCK/W33180 mm300 mm96 mm11641707.21700220028Open
24136 CCK30/W33180 mm300 mm118 mm13582095.21100160034.5Open
22236 CCK/W33180 mm320 mm86 mm1144.61513.21800260029.5Open
23236 CCK/W33180 mm320 mm112 mm14552056.41300190039.5Open
22336 CCK/W33180 mm380 mm126 mm19402376.51300170071.5Open
23938 CCK/W33190 mm260 mm52 mm460.75776240026008.3Open
23038 CCK/W33190 mm290 mm75 mm839.051299.81900240018Open
24038 CCK30/W33190 mm290 mm100 mm1086.417461400200024.5Open
23138 CCK/W33190 mm320 mm104 mm1328.92017.61500200035Open
24138 CCK30/W33190 mm320 mm128 mm155224251100150043Open
22238 CCK/W33190 mm340 mm92 mm1231.916491700240036.5Open
23238 CCK/W33190 mm340 mm120 mm1610.223281300180048Open
22338 CCK/W33190 mm400 mm132 mm2056.42570.51200160082.5Open
23940 CCK/W33200 mm280 mm60 mm601.41008.82200240011.5Open
23040 CCK/W33200 mm310 mm82 mm9701484.11800220023.5Open
24040 CCK30/W33200 mm310 mm109 mm1251.32056.41300190031Open
23140 CCK/W33200 mm340 mm112 mm15522289.21500190043Open
24140 CCK30/W33200 mm340 mm140 mm174627161000140053.5Open
22240 CCK/W33200 mm360 mm98 mm1416.21872.11600220043.5Open
23240 CCK/W33200 mm360 mm128 mm1804.226191200170058Open
22340 CCK/W33200 mm420 mm138 mm2250.428131200150095Open
23944 CCK/W33220 mm300 mm60 mm611.11047.62000220012.5Open
23044 CCK/W33220 mm340 mm90 mm1183.41804.21600200030.5Open
24044 CCK30/W33220 mm340 mm118 mm1513.225221200170040Open
23144 CCK/W33220 mm370 mm120 mm17462667.51300170053.5Open
24144 CCK30/W33220 mm370 mm150 mm2056.43249.5850120067Open
22244 CCK/W33220 mm400 mm108 mm1707.22289.21500200060.5Open
23244 CCK/W33220 mm400 mm144 mm2289.23346.51100150081.5Open
22344 CCK/W33220 mm460 mm145 mm26193346.510001400120Open
23948 CCK/W33240 mm320 mm60 mm635.351125.21900200013.5Open
23048 CCK/W33240 mm360 mm92 mm1251.32017.61500190033.5Open
24048 CCK30/W33240 mm360 mm118 mm155226191100160043Open
23148 CCK/W33240 mm400 mm128 mm2017.631041200160066.5Open
24148 CCK30/W33240 mm400 mm160 mm23283783750110083Open
22248 CCK/W33240 mm440 mm120 mm213429101300180083Open
23248 CCK/W33240 mm440 mm160 mm281341719501300110Open
22348 CCK/W33240 mm500 mm155 mm74.20538809501300155Open
23952 CCK/W33260 mm360 mm75 mm97017461700190023.5Open
23052 CCK/W33260 mm400 mm104 mm15522473.51300170048.5Open
24052 CCK30/W33260 mm400 mm140 mm1978.83346.51000140065.5Open
23152 CCK/W33260 mm440 mm144 mm2473.537831100140090.5Open
24152 CCK30/W33260 mm440 mm180 mm29104656670950110Open
22252 CCK/W33260 mm480 mm130 mm2570.53443.512001600110Open
23252 CCK/W33260 mm480 mm174 mm3152.54607.58501200140Open
22352 CCK/W33260 mm540 mm165 mm3443.54413.58501100190Open
23956 CCK/W33280 mm380 mm75 mm936.051707.21600170025Open
23056 CCK/W33280 mm420 mm106 mm1678.12764.51300160052.5Open
24056 CCK30/W33280 mm420 mm140 mm2095.23686950140069.5Open
23156 CCK/W33280 mm460 mm146 mm2570.54122.51000130097Open
24156 CCK30/W33280 mm460 mm180 mm30074947630900120Open
22256 CCK/W33280 mm500 mm130 mm26193637.511001500115Open
23256 CCK/W33280 mm500 mm176 mm3152.547538001100150Open
22356 CCK/W33280 mm580 mm175 mm388050448001100235Open
23960 CCK/W33300 mm420 mm90 mm1328.924251400160039.5Open
23060 CCK/W33300 mm460 mm118 mm2056.43346.51200150071.5Open
24060 CCK30/W33300 mm460 mm160 mm26194607.5850120097Open
23160 CCK/W33300 mm500 mm160 mm310449479501200125Open
24160 CCK30/W33300 mm500 mm200 mm3637.56111560800160Open
22260 CCK/W33300 mm540 mm140 mm3055.54122.510001400135Open
23260 CCK/W33300 mm540 mm192 mm37835674.57501000190Open
23964 CCK/W33320 mm440 mm90 mm1387.126191400150042Open
23064 CCK/W33320 mm480 mm121 mm2172.836861100140078Open
24064 CCK30/W33320 mm480 mm160 mm2764.549478001200100Open
23164 CCK/W33320 mm540 mm176 mm3637.558208501100165Open
24164 CCK30/W33320 mm540 mm218 mm4122.56887500700210Open
22264 CCK/W33320 mm580 mm150 mm349247539501300175Open
23264 CCK/W33320 mm580 mm208 mm42686499700950240Open
23968 CCK/W33340 mm460 mm90 mm1416.227161300140045.5Open
23068 CCK/W33340 mm520 mm133 mm26194413.510001300105Open
24068 CCK30/W33340 mm520 mm180 mm3346.560147501100140Open
23168 CCK/W33340 mm580 mm190 mm4122.565968001000210Open
24168 ECCK30J/W33340 mm580 mm243 mm51418390.5430630280Open
23268 CAK/W33340 mm620 mm224 mm49477566560800295Open
23972 CCK/W33360 mm480 mm90 mm13582667.51200130046Open
23072 CCK/W33360 mm540 mm134 mm2667.546569501200110Open
24072 CCK30/W33360 mm540 mm180 mm3443.56353.57001000145Open
23172 CCK/W33360 mm600 mm192 mm41716741.57501000220Open
24172 ECCK30J/W33360 mm600 mm243 mm54329021400600280Open
22272 CAK/W33360 mm650 mm170 mm41716014630850255Open
23272 CAK/W33360 mm650 mm232 mm52388051530750335Open
23976 CCK/W33380 mm520 mm106 mm1901.236861100120069Open
23076 CCK/W33380 mm560 mm135 mm281348509001200115Open
24076 CCK30/W33380 mm560 mm180 mm34926596670950150Open
23176 CAK/W33380 mm620 mm194 mm426868875601000230Open
24176 ECAK30/W33380 mm620 mm243 mm55299506360530300Open
23276 CAK/W33380 mm680 mm240 mm5674.58875.5500750375Open
23980 CCK/W33400 mm540 mm106 mm194037831100120071Open
23080 CCK/W33400 mm600 mm148 mm32985674.58501100150Open
24080 ECCK30J/W33400 mm600 mm200 mm41717760630900205Open
23180 CAK/W33400 mm650 mm200 mm4510.57420.5530950265Open
24180 ECAK30/W33400 mm650 mm250 mm601410282340500340Open
23280 CAK/W33400 mm720 mm256 mm6353.510088480670450Open
22380 CAK/W33400 mm820 mm243 mm727510088430750650Open
23984 CC/W33420 mm560 mm106 mm1978.84025.51000110074Open
23084 CAK/W33420 mm620 mm150 mm329858206001100155Open
24084 ECAK30/W33420 mm620 mm200 mm42688051530900210Open
23184 CKJ/W33420 mm700 mm224 mm54329021480900350Open
24184 ECAK30/W33420 mm700 mm280 mm7129.512222320480445Open
23284 CAK/W33420 mm760 mm272 mm7129.511252450630535Open
23988 CC/W33440 mm600 mm118 mm2376.54753950100099Open
23088 CAK/W33440 mm650 mm157 mm3540.56353.55601000180Open
24088 ECAK30/W33440 mm650 mm212 mm46568875.5500850245Open
23188 CAK/W33440 mm720 mm226 mm58209700450850360Open
24188 ECAK30/W33440 mm720 mm280 mm727512804300450460Open
23288 CAK/W33440 mm790 mm280 mm756612125430600590Open
24892 CAMA/W20460 mm580 mm118 mm2017.64753630110075Open
23992 CAK/W33460 mm620 mm118 mm242548506001000105Open
23092 CAK/W33460 mm680 mm163 mm37836741.5560950205Open
24092 ECAK30/W33460 mm680 mm218 mm50449700480800275Open
23192 CAK/W33460 mm760 mm240 mm620810476430800440Open
24192 ECAK30/W33460 mm760 mm300 mm805114162280430560Open
23292 CAK/W33460 mm830 mm296 mm824513289400560695Open
23996 CAK/W33480 mm650 mm128 mm281355295601000125Open
23096 CAK/W33480 mm700 mm165 mm37836596530950215Open
24096 ECAK30/W33480 mm700 mm218 mm514110088450750285Open
23196 CAK/W33480 mm790 mm248 mm6741.511640400750485Open
24196 ECAK30/W33480 mm790 mm308 mm873015132260400605Open
23296 CAK/W33480 mm870 mm310 mm902114550380530800Open
239/500 CAK/W33500 mm670 mm128 mm28135820530950130Open
230/500 CAK/W33500 mm720 mm167 mm4025.57566500900225Open
240/500 ECAK30/W33500 mm720 mm218 mm533510670430700295Open
231/500 CAK/W33500 mm830 mm264 mm7420.512513380700580Open
241/500 ECAK30/W33500 mm830 mm325 mm950616490260380700Open
232/500 CAK/W33500 mm920 mm336 mm1028216781360500985Open
248/530 CAK30MA/W20530 mm650 mm118 mm2056.4514153095086Open
239/530 CAK/W33530 mm710 mm136 mm31046499500900155Open
230/530 CAK/W33530 mm780 mm185 mm49479021450800310Open
240/530 ECAK30/W33530 mm780 mm250 mm649912804400670410Open
231/530 CAK/W33530 mm870 mm272 mm7905.513580360670645Open
241/530 ECAK30/W33530 mm870 mm335 mm1028218430240360830Open
232/530 CAK/W33530 mm980 mm355 mm12319197883204801200Open
239/560 CAK/W33560 mm750 mm140 mm3346.56984450850175Open
230/560 CAK/W33560 mm820 mm195 mm54329894430750355Open
240/560 ECAK30/W33560 mm820 mm258 mm7129.514162380630465Open
231/560 CAK/W33560 mm920 mm280 mm8875.515520340630740Open
241/560 ECK30J/W33560 mm920 mm355 mm1164020952220320985Open
232/560 CAK/W33560 mm1030 mm365 mm12998213402804301350Open
239/600 CAK/W33600 mm800 mm150 mm37838051430750220Open
230/600 CAK/W33600 mm870 mm200 mm582011058400700405Open
240/600 ECAK30/W33600 mm870 mm272 mm7905.516490340560520Open
231/600 CAK/W33600 mm980 mm300 mm989417460320560895Open
241/600 ECAK30/W33600 mm980 mm375 mm12804228922003001200Open
232/600 CAK/W33600 mm1090 mm388 mm14550247352604001600Open
238/630 CAKMA/W20630 mm780 mm112 mm24255917430750120Open
239/630 CAK/W33630 mm850 mm165 mm4510.59506400700280Open
230/630 CAK/W33630 mm920 mm212 mm649912125380670485Open
240/630 ECK30J/W33630 mm920 mm290 mm853617460320530645Open
231/630 CAK/W33630 mm1030 mm315 mm11640201762605301050Open
241/630 ECAK30/W33630 mm1030 mm400 mm14162261901902801400Open
238/670 CAKMA/W20670 mm820 mm112 mm25226208400700130Open
239/670 CAK/W33670 mm900 mm170 mm485010476360670315Open
230/670 CAK/W33670 mm980 mm230 mm7420.514162340600600Open
240/670 ECAK30/W33670 mm980 mm308 mm970019788300500790Open
231/670 CAK/W33670 mm1090 mm336 mm12125217282405001250Open
241/670 ECAK30/W33670 mm1090 mm412 mm15520281301802601600Open
232/670 CAK/W33670 mm1220 mm438 mm17460295852203602270Open
238/710 CAKMA/W20710 mm870 mm118 mm29107275360670153Open
239/710 CAK/W33710 mm950 mm180 mm543211640340600365Open
249/710 CAK30/W33710 mm950 mm243 mm659615132300500495Open
230/710 CAK/W33710 mm1030 mm236 mm805115811300560670Open
240/710 ECAK30/W3710 mm1030 mm315 mm1028222116260450895Open
231/710 CAK/W33710 mm1150 mm345 mm13580252202404501450Open
241/710 ECAK30/W3710 mm1150 mm438 mm16781315251602401900Open
232/710 CAK/W33710 mm1280 mm450 mm19788334652003202610Open
238/750 CAKMA/W20750 mm920 mm128 mm3249.58245340600185Open
239/750 CAK/W33750 mm1000 mm185 mm582012804320560420Open
249/750 CAK30/W33750 mm1000 mm250 mm7420.517460280480560Open
230/750 CAK/W33750 mm1090 mm250 mm9360.518042280530795Open
240/750 ECAK30/W33750 mm1090 mm335 mm11446242502404301070Open
231/750 CAK/W33750 mm1220 mm365 mm15132281302204301700Open
241/750 ECAK30/W33750 mm1220 mm475 mm19400363751502202100Open
232/750 CAKF/W33750 mm1360 mm475 mm20952354051903003050Open
248/800 CAK30MA/W20800 mm980 mm180 mm4607.512513320560300Open
239/800 CAK/W33800 mm1060 mm195 mm620813871280530470Open
249/800 CAK30/W33800 mm1060 mm258 mm776018721240430640Open
230/800 CAK/W33800 mm1150 mm258 mm970019400260480895Open
240/800 ECAK30/W33800 mm1150 mm345 mm12513276452204001200Open
231/800 CAK/W33800 mm1280 mm375 mm16781305552004001920Open
241/800 ECAK30/W33800 mm1280 mm475 mm20176392851402002300Open
232/800 CAKF/W33800 mm1420 mm488 mm23280417101802803280Open
238/850 CAKMA/W20850 mm1030 mm136 mm36869700260530240Open
239/850 CAK/W33850 mm1120 mm200 mm6741.515132260480560Open
249/850 CAK30/W33850 mm1120 mm272 mm902122116220400740Open
230/850 CAK/W33850 mm1220 mm272 mm10476209522404501050Open
240/850 ECAK30/W33850 mm1220 mm365 mm14162305552003601410Open
231/850 CAK/W33850 mm1360 mm400 mm17751334651803602200Open
241/850 ECAK30F/W33850 mm1360 mm500 mm22504436501301902770Open
248/900 CAK30MA/W20900 mm1090 mm190 mm523814841240480370Open
239/900 CAK/W33900 mm1180 mm206 mm727516490240450605Open
230/900 CAK/W33900 mm1280 mm280 mm11252225042204001200Open
240/900 ECAK30/W33900 mm1280 mm375 mm15132334651903401570Open
241/900 ECAK30F/W33900 mm1420 mm515 mm23765475301201803350Open
239/950 CAK/W33950 mm1250 mm224 mm805119012220430755Open
249/950 CAK30/W33950 mm1250 mm300 mm10282252201803401020Open
230/950 CAK/W33950 mm1360 mm300 mm13289276452003801450Open
240/950 CAK30F/W33950 mm1360 mm412 mm16490378301703001990Open
241/950 ECAK30F/W33950 mm1500 mm545 mm26190533501101603540Open
238/1000 CAKMA/W201000 mm1220 mm165 mm523813871220400410Open
249/1000 CAK30/W331000 mm1320 mm315 mm11446281301703201200Open
230/1000 CAKF/W331001 mm1420 mm308 mm14162295851803601600Open
240/1000 CAK30F/W331001 mm1420 mm412 mm17072392851602802140Open
231/1000 CAKF/W331002 mm1580 mm462 mm23765465601402803500Open
241/1000 ECAK30F/W331002 mm1580 mm580 mm29585601401001504300Open
238/1060 CAKMA/W201060 mm1280 mm165 mm533514550200380435Open
248/1060 CAK30MA/W201060 mm1280 mm218 mm6741.519400200380570Open
239/1060 CAKF/W331060 mm1400 mm250 mm10670252201803601100Open
249/1060 CAK30F/W331060 mm1400 mm335 mm12804315251602801400Open
230/1060 CAKF/W331062 mm1500 mm325 mm15520329801703201840Open
240/1060 CAK30F/W331062 mm1500 mm438 mm19400441351502602520Open
248/1120 CAK30FA/W201120 mm1360 mm243 mm805123280180340735Open
249/1120 CAK30F/W331120 mm1460 mm335 mm13289334651402601500Open
240/1120 CAK30F/W331120 mm1580 mm462 mm20564485001302402930Open
238/1180 CAKFA/W201180 mm1420 mm180 mm649918042170320575Open
248/1180 CAK30FA/W201180 mm1420 mm243 mm853626190170320770Open
239/1180 CAKF/W331180 mm1540 mm272 mm12319300701503001400Open
249/1180 CAK30F/W331180 mm1540 mm355 mm15132392851302401800Open
240/1180 CAK30F/W331180 mm1660 mm475 mm23765567451302203320Open
230/1250 CAKF/W331250 mm1750 mm375 mm19788436501302402840Open
248/1320 CAK30FA/W201320 mm1600 mm280 mm10864324951402601160Open
249/1320 CAK30F/W331320 mm1720 mm400 mm18042475301102002500Open
248/1500 CAK30FA/W201500 mm1820 mm315 mm14162436501102201710Open
248/1800 CAK30FA/W201800 mm2180 mm375 mm1940061110751402900Open
* *