Bore Dia
Outer Dia
Total Bearing Width Over Inner Rings
Total Bearing Width Over Outer Rings
Dynamic Radial Load
Static Radial Load
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Four-row tapered roller bearings

Four-row tapered roller bearings are used in rolling mills to withstand combined radial and axial loads at low to medium speeds,Radial bearing capacity is very high, can withstand two-way axial load, for the roll neck can save axial space, long service life

Product NumberBore DiaOuter DiaWidth Over Inner RingsWidth Over Outer RingsDynamic Radial LoadStatic Radial Load
331138 AG139.7 mm200.025 mm157.162 mm160.34 mm193050 lbf468000 lbf
331480 G177.8 mm247.65 mm192.088 mm192.088 mm276750 lbf675000 lbf
BT4-0010 G/HA1C400VA903177.8 mm247.65 mm192.088 mm192.088 mm229500 lbf562500 lbf
BT4-0027 AG/HA1198.438 mm284.162 mm225.425 mm225.425 mm396000 lbf843750 lbf
BT4-0013 G/HA1C400VA903206.375 mm282.575 mm190.5 mm190.5 mm256500 lbf562500 lbf
BT4-0021 G/HA1206.375 mm282.575 mm190.5 mm190.5 mm315000 lbf753750 lbf
BT4-0035 E8/C355220 mm295 mm315 mm315 mm418500 lbf911250 lbf
BT4-0040 E8/C355220.662 mm314.325 mm239.712 mm239.712 mm477000 lbf900000 lbf
BT4-0020/HA1240 mm338 mm248 mm248 mm573750 lbf1237500 lbf
330782 AG241.478 mm349.148 mm228.6 mm228.6 mm486000 lbf1125000 lbf
330862 B244.475 mm327.025 mm193.675 mm193.675 mm411750 lbf967500 lbf
BT4-0039 E8/C355254 mm358.775 mm268.875 mm268.875 mm686250 lbf1282500 lbf
BT4-0014 G/HA1C400VA903266.7 mm355.6 mm230.188 mm228.6 mm420750 lbf1046250 lbf
BT4B 328209 G/HA1C455266.7 mm355.6 mm230.188 mm228.6 mm495000 lbf1260000 lbf
BT4B 331168 B269.875 mm381 mm282.575 mm282.575 mm693000 lbf1687500 lbf
BT4-0012 G/HA1C500VA901276.225 mm393.7 mm269.875 mm269.875 mm618750 lbf1316250 lbf
BT4-0011 G/HA1C500VA901279.4 mm393.7 mm269.875 mm269.875 mm618750 lbf1316250 lbf
330540 AG279.578 mm380.898 mm244.475 mm244.475 mm515250 lbf1440000 lbf
BT4-0026 A/PEX280 mm406.4 mm298.45 mm298.45 mm933750 lbf2025000 lbf
330337 AG285.75 mm380.898 mm244.475 mm244.475 mm515250 lbf1440000 lbf
BT4-0015 G/HA1C400VA903285.75 mm380.898 mm244.475 mm244.475 mm495000 lbf1237500 lbf
BT4B 331452 G/HA1288.925 mm406.4 mm298.45 mm292.45 mm805500 lbf2025000 lbf
BT4B 331968 BG/HA1292.1 mm422.275 mm269.875 mm269.875 mm855000 lbf1800000 lbf
331492304.648 mm438.048 mm280.99 mm279.4 mm693000 lbf1563750 lbf
BT4B 328909 G/HA1VA901304.8 mm501.65 mm336.55 mm336.55 mm1064250 lbf2092500 lbf
330758 BG304.902 mm412.648 mm266.7 mm266.7 mm668250 lbf1687500 lbf
BT4-0004 G/HA1304.902 mm412.648 mm266.7 mm266.7 mm766125 lbf1687500 lbf
BT4-8093 G/HA1VA901310 mm430 mm310 mm310 mm643500 lbf1473750 lbf
330870 BG317.5 mm422.275 mm269.875 mm269.875 mm756000 lbf1833750 lbf
BT4B 331161 AG/HA4317.5 mm447.675 mm327.025 mm327.025 mm990000 lbf2430000 lbf
BT4B 331161 BG/HA1317.5 mm447.675 mm327.025 mm327.025 mm1064250 lbf2430000 lbf
BT4B 334023 E1/C675317.5 mm422.275 mm269.875 mm269.875 mm643500 lbf1473750 lbf
BT4B 332647 G/HA1330.2 mm444.5 mm301.625 mm301.625 mm830250 lbf2171250 lbf
BT4-8113 E2/C500330.302 mm438.023 mm247.65 mm254 mm765000 lbf1440000 lbf
331381333.375 mm469.9 mm342.9 mm342.9 mm1101825 lbf2565000 lbf
BT4-8160 E8/C475343.052 mm457.098 mm254 mm254 mm810000 lbf1597500 lbf
BT4-8160 E81/C400343.052 mm457.098 mm254 mm254 mm810000 lbf1597500 lbf
BT4-8160 E81/C475343.052 mm457.098 mm254 mm254 mm810000 lbf1597500 lbf
BT4B 328817 E1/C475343.052 mm457.098 mm254 mm254 mm753750 lbf1440000 lbf
BT4B 328817 EX1/C475343.052 mm457.098 mm254 mm254 mm697500 lbf1440000 lbf
BT4B 331228 G/HA1C200346.075 mm488.95 mm358.775 mm358.775 mm1188000 lbf2812500 lbf
331092 A347.662 mm469.9 mm292.1 mm292.1 mm855000 lbf2295000 lbf
BT4-8070 G/HA1VA901347.662 mm469.9 mm292.1 mm292.1 mm879750 lbf1912500 lbf
331271355.6 mm488.95 mm317.5 mm317.5 mm929250 lbf2475000 lbf
BT4-8162 E8/C480355.6 mm482.6 mm265.113 mm269.875 mm933750 lbf1833750 lbf
BT4-8162 E81/C480355.6 mm482.6 mm265.113 mm269.875 mm933750 lbf1833750 lbf
BT4B 328870 EX1/C300355.6 mm482.6 mm265.113 mm269.875 mm798750 lbf1687500 lbf
BT4B 328912 E1/C300355.6 mm488.95 mm317.5 mm317.5 mm1147500 lbf2250000 lbf
BT4B 328912 E3/C675355.6 mm488.95 mm317.5 mm317.5 mm1147500 lbf2250000 lbf
332059360 mm510 mm380 mm380 mm1262250 lbf3217500 lbf
331159 A368.3 mm523.875 mm382.588 mm382.588 mm1410750 lbf3375000 lbf
BT4-8033 G/HA1380 mm560 mm390 mm360 mm1509750 lbf3082500 lbf
BT4-8086 G/HA1380 mm736.676 mm300 mm300 mm940500 lbf2250000 lbf
331149 E/C675384.175 mm546.1 mm400.05 mm400.05 mm1800000 lbf3735000 lbf
BT4-8025 G/HA1C300VA903384.175 mm546.1 mm400.05 mm400.05 mm1386000 lbf3375000 lbf
BT4B 334128/HA1384.175 mm546.1 mm400.05 mm400.05 mm1449000 lbf3735000 lbf
BT4B 334042 E1/C575385.762 mm514.35 mm317.5 mm317.5 mm879750 lbf2250000 lbf
BT4B 332824 E/C475395 mm545 mm268 mm288.9 mm1080000 lbf2137500 lbf
BT4B 332824/HA1395 mm545 mm268 mm288.9 mm879750 lbf2137500 lbf
BT4-8147 G/HA1400 mm600 mm308 mm308 mm1237500 lbf2475000 lbf
BT4-8126 E1/C575406.4 mm562 mm381 mm381 mm1282500 lbf2970000 lbf
BT4-8161 E8/C500406.4 mm546.1 mm288.925 mm288.925 mm1147500 lbf2295000 lbf
BT4-8161 E81/C500406.4 mm546.1 mm288.925 mm288.925 mm1147500 lbf2295000 lbf
BT4B 328838 BG/HA1VA902406.4 mm546.1 mm288.925 mm288.925 mm940500 lbf2137500 lbf
BT4B 331347 AG/HA1406.4 mm565.15 mm381 mm381 mm1361250 lbf3510000 lbf
BT4B 334093 BG/HA1VA902406.4 mm546.1 mm330 mm330 mm990000 lbf2295000 lbf
BT4B 329004 G/HA1VA901409.575 mm546.1 mm334.962 mm334.962 mm1089000 lbf2700000 lbf
BT4B 331333 E/C350409.575 mm546.151 mm334.962 mm334.962 mm1282500 lbf2970000 lbf
BT4B 331333 E/C575409.575 mm546.1 mm334.962 mm334.962 mm1282500 lbf2970000 lbf
BT4-8067 G/HA1VA902431.8 mm571.5 mm400 mm400 mm1089000 lbf2857500 lbf
BT4B 331226 AG/HA1431.8 mm571.5 mm336.55 mm336.55 mm1113750 lbf3150000 lbf
BT4B 331226 BG/HA1431.8 mm571.5 mm336.55 mm336.55 mm1188000 lbf3150000 lbf
BT4B 331226/HA1431.8 mm571.5 mm336.55 mm336.55 mm1113750 lbf3150000 lbf
BT4B 334019 G/HA1431.8 mm635 mm440 mm355.6 mm1485000 lbf3375000 lbf
332313440 mm650 mm353.5 mm353.5 mm1485000 lbf3375000 lbf
BT4-8124 E/C550440 mm580 mm360 mm360 mm1395000 lbf3217500 lbf
BT4B 328944 G/HA1VA901440 mm650 mm353.5 mm353.5 mm1509750 lbf2970000 lbf
BT4B 334055 ABG/HA1VA902440 mm590 mm480 mm480 mm1721250 lbf4500000 lbf
330608 C447.675 mm635 mm463.55 mm463.55 mm1856250 lbf4950000 lbf
BT4-8044 G/HA1VA902450 mm595 mm404 mm404 mm1336500 lbf3667500 lbf
BT4-8173 E8/C725450 mm595 mm368 mm368 mm1473750 lbf3442500 lbf
BT4-8173 E81/C725450 mm595 mm368 mm368 mm1473750 lbf3442500 lbf
BT4B 328365 EX/C725450 mm595 mm404 mm404 mm1530000 lbf3667500 lbf
BT4B 332773 E/C725450 mm595 mm368 mm368 mm1530000 lbf3667500 lbf
331169 BG457.2 mm596.9 mm276.225 mm279.4 mm940500 lbf2430000 lbf
331169 E/C500457.2 mm596.9 mm276.225 mm279.4 mm1028250 lbf2430000 lbf
BT4-8125 E1/C725457.2 mm606 mm381 mm381 mm1687500 lbf3667500 lbf
BT4B 328827 ABG/HA1VA902457.2 mm596.9 mm276.225 mm279.4 mm965250 lbf2250000 lbf
BT4-8111 E2/C725460 mm610 mm360 mm360 mm1530000 lbf3217500 lbf
BT4B 331977 E/C725460 mm610 mm360 mm360 mm1687500 lbf3667500 lbf
BT4B 332502/HA1460 mm625 mm421 mm421 mm1622250 lbf4500000 lbf
BT4B 328913 BG/HA1C555475 mm600 mm368 mm368 mm1287000 lbf3735000 lbf
330886 B479.425 mm679.45 mm495.3 mm495.3 mm2103750 lbf5062500 lbf
332096 E/C725482.6 mm615.95 mm330.2 mm330.2 mm1417500 lbf3442500 lbf
BT4-8163 E8/C725482.6 mm615.95 mm330.2 mm330.2 mm1417500 lbf3217500 lbf
BT4-8163 E81/C725482.6 mm615.95 mm330.2 mm330.2 mm1417500 lbf3217500 lbf
BT4-8163 E8A/C725482.6 mm615.95 mm330.2 mm330.2 mm1417500 lbf3217500 lbf
BT4B 328842 E1/C325482.6 mm615.95 mm330.2 mm330.2 mm1372500 lbf3082500 lbf
BT4B 331259 BG/HA1C325482.6 mm647.7 mm417.512 mm417.512 mm1721250 lbf4500000 lbf
331090 E/C700489.026 mm634.873 mm320.675 mm320.675 mm1417500 lbf3285000 lbf
BT4-8135 E/C750490 mm625 mm385 mm385 mm1597500 lbf3667500 lbf
BT4-8056 G/HA1500 mm670 mm400.05 mm387.35 mm1622250 lbf4342500 lbf
331081 A501.65 mm711.2 mm520.7 mm520.7 mm2295000 lbf6187500 lbf
BT4-8167 E8/C775510 mm655 mm377 mm379 mm1721250 lbf3960000 lbf
BT4-8167 E81/C775510 mm655 mm377 mm379 mm1721250 lbf3960000 lbf
BT4B 331243 A/HA1520.7 mm711.2 mm400.05 mm400.05 mm1683000 lbf4410000 lbf
BT4-8043 G/HA1530 mm680 mm440 mm440 mm1856250 lbf5310000 lbf
331978 BG540 mm690 mm400 mm400 mm1683000 lbf4770000 lbf
BT4-8108 E/C625540 mm690 mm400 mm400 mm1833750 lbf4342500 lbf
331165 A558.8 mm736.6 mm322.265 mm322.268 mm1410750 lbf3735000 lbf
331165 AG558.8 mm736.6 mm322.265 mm322.268 mm1410750 lbf3735000 lbf
BT4-8022 G/HA1VA919558.8 mm736.6 mm455.612 mm457.2 mm1930500 lbf5220000 lbf
BT4B 330993 AG/HA1558.8 mm736.6 mm409.575 mm409.575 mm1930500 lbf5220000 lbf
BT4B 334080 G/HA1VA901558.8 mm736.6 mm409.575 mm409.575 mm1485000 lbf4500000 lbf
BT4-8153 E/C775560 mm700 mm405 mm405 mm1800000 lbf4770000 lbf
BT4B 328509/HA4560 mm920 mm618 mm618 mm3712500 lbf7650000 lbf
BT4B 332666/HA1571.5 mm812.8 mm593.725 mm593.725 mm2970000 lbf8100000 lbf
331148 A584.2 mm762 mm396.875 mm401.638 mm1721250 lbf5040000 lbf
BT4B 331189 E/C600584.2 mm730.326 mm342.9 mm349.25 mm1336500 lbf3825000 lbf
BT4B 328888 BG/HA1VA901585.788 mm771.525 mm479.425 mm479.425 mm2295000 lbf6187500 lbf
BT4B 331093 BG/HA1585.788 mm771.525 mm479.425 mm479.425 mm2385000 lbf6750000 lbf
BT4B 331300 E/C775595.312 mm844.55 mm615.95 mm615.95 mm3892500 lbf8775000 lbf
331625603.25 mm857.25 mm622.3 mm622.3 mm3307500 lbf9112500 lbf
BT4B 331625 E/C800603.25 mm857.25 mm622.3 mm622.3 mm4117500 lbf9112500 lbf
331175 A609.6 mm787.4 mm361.95 mm361.95 mm1658250 lbf4770000 lbf
331175 BG/C355609.6 mm787.4 mm361.95 mm361.95 mm1658250 lbf4770000 lbf
331925609.6 mm813.562 mm479.425 mm479.425 mm2385000 lbf6862500 lbf
BT4B 328871 G/HA1VA901609.6 mm787.4 mm361.95 mm361.95 mm1534500 lbf4185000 lbf
BT4B 328510/HA1620 mm800 mm363.5 mm363.5 mm1683000 lbf4860000 lbf
BT4-8031 E/C800625 mm815 mm480 mm480 mm2970000 lbf6975000 lbf
BT4-8137 G/HA1625 mm815 mm600 mm600 mm2970000 lbf6975000 lbf
BT4B 332827 AG/HA1650 mm1030 mm560 mm560 mm3780000 lbf8550000 lbf
BT4B 332833 G/HA4660 mm1070 mm648.002 mm648.002 mm4365000 lbf9337500 lbf
331190660.4 mm812.8 mm365.125 mm365.125 mm1509750 lbf5040000 lbf
BT4B 331190 BG/HA1660.4 mm812.8 mm365.125 mm365.125 mm1622250 lbf5040000 lbf
BT4B 332906/HA4676 mm910 mm620 mm620 mm3195000 lbf9337500 lbf
BT4B 334015 BG/HA1VA901679.45 mm901.7 mm552.45 mm552.45 mm2970000 lbf8100000 lbf
BT4B 334016 AG/HA1VA901679.45 mm901.7 mm635 mm542.45 mm2722500 lbf8100000 lbf
BT4B 328349/HA1680 mm930 mm700 mm700 mm4117500 lbf12150000 lbf
BT4B 328955 ABG/HA1VA902685.8 mm876.3 mm352.425 mm355.6 mm1721250 lbf4500000 lbf
BT4B 331089 CG/HA1685.8 mm876 mm352.425 mm355.6 mm1757250 lbf4950000 lbf
BT4-8109 E1/C800708.025 mm930.275 mm565.15 mm565.15 mm3510000 lbf8437500 lbf
BT4B 332098 A/HA4708.025 mm930.275 mm565.15 mm565.15 mm2925000 lbf8775000 lbf
331351710 mm900 mm410 mm410 mm1980000 lbf5962500 lbf
BT4B 331351 BG/HA1710 mm900 mm410 mm410 mm2178000 lbf6075000 lbf
BT4B 331351 E/C775710 mm900 mm410 mm410 mm2475000 lbf6075000 lbf
BT4-8139 G/HA1711.2 mm914.4 mm390 mm390 mm1721250 lbf4342500 lbf
332244717.55 mm946.15 mm565.15 mm565.15 mm3015000 lbf9112500 lbf
BT4-8069 G/HA1VA901717.55 mm946.15 mm565.15 mm565.15 mm3015000 lbf8212500 lbf
330803 A730.25 mm1035.05 mm755.65 mm755.65 mm4612500 lbf13162500 lbf
BT4-8048 E/C725750 mm950 mm410 mm410 mm2430000 lbf5962500 lbf
BT4B 328376/HA4750 mm1130 mm690 mm690 mm4522500 lbf10462500 lbf
BT4-8121 E/C600785 mm1010 mm600 mm600 mm3735000 lbf9675000 lbf
BT4B 331066 A/HA4825.5 mm1168.4 mm844.55 mm844.55 mm5850000 lbf17212500 lbf
BT4B 330742 A/HA4863.6 mm1219.1 mm876.3 mm889 mm6322500 lbf18337500 lbf
BT4B 331123 DG/HA1863.6 mm1130.3 mm669.925 mm669.925 mm4455000 lbf13950000 lbf
BT4B 332981/HA4877.888 mm1220 mm844.55 mm844.55 mm6322500 lbf17212500 lbf
330726 A938.212 mm1270 mm825.5 mm825.5 mm5850000 lbf18337500 lbf
BT4B 334031 AG/HA41001 mm1360 mm800 mm800 mm6682500 lbf19125000 lbf
BT4B 334031/HA4C18001001 mm1360 mm800 mm800 mm6187500 lbf18337500 lbf
BT4B 328100/HA41070.001 mm1399.997 mm889.762 mm889.762 mm6817500 lbf22500000 lbf
BT4-8150 G/HA41300 mm1720 mm840 mm840 mm8302500 lbf23400000 lbf
* *